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Stafford or Curry? You decide

One final note from Lions president Tom Lewand's impromptu gathering with reporters Monday, this one for all the Aaron Curry fans out there.

As the session with Lewand was breaking up, a few reporters continued to poke and prod about the No. 1 overall pick. After revealing the Lions would unveil their new logo next Monday, I thanked Lewand for helping me set my schedule for next week then asked in jest when they planned on signing Matt Stafford so I could pencil that into my planner, too.

“I didn't know Aaron Curry changed his name,” Lewand joked back.

Now, I'm not reading anything into that little exchange and I don't think you should either. But I figured I'd share it all the same.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

john niyo referenced this exchange in his blog, dave. how come you guys hardly ever refer to each other by name?

i'd be very surprised if the lions took curry with the #1 pick. a linebacker just doesn't warrant that kind of money no matter how good he is.

the only 2 positions that even come close to warranting that value are OT and QB.

animal jr

hope this is the way they go.

12:03 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They could take Smith at #1


Freeman will not be available at #20

Laurinitis will not be available at #33

12:54 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd love Aaron Curry at number one. It would make for a nice corp of linebackers: Sims, Curry, Peterson.
The 20th pick could be Peria Jerry from Ole Miss or the 33rd pick could be Ziggy Hood. That would make for a solid defense to build on in the future.

Curry would have more of an immediate impact than Stafford. Whether the Lions take a QB this year or next, the QB will have to watch from the sidelines for at least a couple of games.

1:01 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man.. I wish we really were taking Curry.

3:46 AM 
Anonymous Michael Schottey said...

Birkett, it is days like this that make me wish the draft was in January


9:11 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much people in Detroit are willing to overpay a linebacker because he is the 'safe pick' has gotten ridiculous in this town. No linebacker is worth #1 pick money especially one that doesn't show a knack for rushing the QB. Stafford at least offers you high risk high reward. Curry might not be as high of risk but I don't see him as high reward just overpaid.

9:54 AM 
Anonymous Michael Schottey said...

Last time I checked there wasn't a guaranteed amount of money #1 picks get. It's false logic to think that Curry would get the same amount of money as Stafford in the #1 slot.

In terms of money paid to the first overall pick: LB is less than OT is less than QB.

Would we be making Curry the highest paid LB in the league? Yeah, but it wouldn't be "Tom Brady-money" like we would be paying Stafford.

Curry is the safest AND the cheapest choice.

10:03 AM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

Good question, Anon. I think the simple answer is we don't want to make ourselves part of the story. I can't think of more than a time or two when I've actually referenced other reporters by name in a blog (I don't know that I ever have in a story) and I typically try to stay away from first-person references. Mostly it's because we're there to report the news and what we do, say or ask doesn't matter, especially in a large press conference-type setting. There were only a few reporters left with Lewand when this exchange took place and I mentioned myself because I didn't have my recorder running the whole time so part of it is just my recollection. Actually, I had a one-paragraph reference to this in my previous blog with no mention of who asked the question. I took it out because I wanted to double-check with John and Carlos Monarrez from the Free Press (the others there) to make sure Lewand's response was in reference to the right question.

As for the draft, you all know I think it's Stafford but if money is an issue don't rule out Curry. I've written it before but it's worth mentioning again: Stafford and Smith are represented by the same agency. If the Lions want bargaining power they'll have to involve Curry. If they strike a deal there, who knows what happens.

10:11 AM 
Blogger spacecataz said...

I am convinced that Lewand/Mayhew just like to screw with the fans' heads.

10:15 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i see. thanks for the answer dave, but i think it's ok for you to get a piece of the glory pie once in a while. you guys deserve it with the exception of caputo, sharp, and every other negative nancy hater reporter. of course, that's just me outside looking in and i have no idea how those guys really are in true life so take that with a grain of salt. feel free to ref yourself and the other reporters once in a while, dave. i've got no prob with it and i doubt anyone else does either. unless it's an unspoken journalistic COH or something like that?

11:29 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT article on stafford:

1:45 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave, there is an article over on Mlive that seems to indicate that ths kind of comment from Lewand is a disappointment to Curry fans.

I hardly take it as such. If someone can somehow take away the fact that Curry is out of the running for the No. 1 pick, then please explain it to me. I thought I understood English pretty well, and that is definitely NOT what I took from those comments.

Defense wins games. The QB's coming out next year will be much better, more mature and have more experience than this year's crop.

On the contrary to some: Curry is not necessarily a safe pick; any No. 1 is less than safe for the amount of money being spent. But if Matthew Stafford has been shooting his mouth off about being a lock for the No. 1 and the kind of money he expects, then the maturity question about him is rearing its ugly head again.

Curry is much more refined, considerably more mature and dollar for dollar, is a better value in three ways:

1. He will play immediately
2. He will make an impact immediately
3. You will probably get 1 and 2 for less money than it will take to sign Stafford.

The Lions should do the smart thing, not the safe thing; sign Curry.

2:26 PM 
Anonymous Michael Schottey said...


I think Rogers' article over on Mlive was opinion/speculation and he confirmed that in the comments section to me.

Take it with a grain of salt coming from a guy who is using his preconceived notion (Lions drafting Stafford) and wrapping evidence around that.

It could mean either side of the coin. Either its comforting that Lewand mentioned Curry or its disconcerting that he said it flippantly. Take it how you will. We won't know for another couple of weeks.

Mike@ DraftTek

2:56 PM 

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