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Schedule announcement coming next Tuesday

The NFL will release its full schedule at 7 p.m. Tuesday live on and NFL Network.

Total speculation here, but I'd expect the Lions to open at home in 2009. They've started on the road the last two years, and coming off an 0-16 season (and with 17 straight losses overall) you can bet the NFL doesn't want the streak to linger.

At home next year, the Lions play: the Bears, Packers, Vikings, Cardinals, Rams, Steelers, Browns and Redskins. On the road, they play the three NFC North teams plus the 49ers, Seahawks, Ravens, Bengals and Saints.

Games against the Rams and Browns would seem to give the Lions the best chance to win. The Bears game would involve the most intriguing storyline with Jay Cutler and former coach Rod Marinelli now in the Windy City, but they play that Sunday night at Green Bay. Defending Super Bowl champ Pittsburgh also is accounted for in Week 1. The Steelers host the Titans on Sept. 10.

Update: As someone pointed out to me, the Lions play at Cleveland in Week 2 of the preseason so it's unlikely the two teams open against each other less than a month later. That makes the Rams, Cardinals, Vikings or Redskins the likely Week 1 opponent. I'll guess it's St. Louis in a battle of top draft picks (as was the case two years ago when the Lions-Raiders opened) and a revenge game for ex-Rams and current Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

known about the sched release since last week when PFT speculated that the 14th was gonna be the day.

i guarantee you, unless they can't get either signed, the first pick will be stafford or smith.

6:24 PM 
Blogger DetFan1979 said...

la te da - if you believe everything PFT writes, I feel sorry for you "anonymous"!

You guarantee the pick will be Stafford or Smith -- wow. Rocket science.

As for the ARTICLE -- thanks Dave; nice to hear the Lions may get to start out with a home game this year.

I agree that the Rams or the Browns would be a good first team to play. Rams would be my preference, but either would do.

I don't want to see them get lit up by Arizona or run over by the Vikings game one. Thank goodness they can't open with the Steelers.

One thought though: Remember in -- was it 06? -- the Lions started out against Seattle coming off of their Superbowl loss to start out the season at home? Makes me wonder if it won't be the Cards so the NFL can have a high-scoring blowout...

AND keep up the 76 Bucs storyline. Bucs lost 26 in a row before they finally won (only 2 games short of two seasons back then). Lions only have to lose the first 9 games, and they will tie the worst losing streak of all time...

Possible? Depends on who they play when...

8:58 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^check your email you dick.

1:52 PM 
Blogger DetFan1979 said...

LOL - I haven't checked it yet, but oh well. I should apologize -- responding to snotty with snotty

My main points were: PFT speculates about a lot of things that don't happen, and a beat guy like Birkett does more reporting when it's verified -- so one is specualtion, the other a confirmed report. No sense acting like he's not doing his job.

Second point is that Dave was covering the Spartans through March Madness, so also cut him some slack since I'm sure he was pretty busy there.

Finally, I was just being a jerk with the dig on who will get signed, and those two are most likely. It was uncalled for, and while you are just an anonymous poster on a web blog, my apologies.

10:54 PM 

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