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Fisher: Defense will be 'vicious'

The Lions' first minicamp is still a week away, but cornerback Travis Fisher likes what he's seen from the new defense.

“I think it'll be vicious,” Fisher said. “We got some guys who can run around. We got a great scheme, great coach, just very excited about getting to camp.”

Fisher is one of just a handful of holdovers from last year's 0-16 team in the mix for starting jobs. The Lions signed defensive tackle Grady Jackson and cornerback Phillip Buchanon as free agents, traded for outside linebacker Julian Peterson and corner/safety Anthony Henry, and likely will add one or two more defensive starters in the draft.

Though he didn't have an interception last year, Fisher said he feels like the No. 1 cornerback and stands to benefit from the more aggressive, man-oriented scheme the Lions will play.

“We're doing some things that I like, some things that brought me back, made me think about when I was younger in the league,” he said. “So I'm just happy to be back, I'm in shape and happy to see guys smiling.”

As for how the Lions can finally field a top-half-of-the-NFL defense, Fisher didn't mince words.

“We just need to just beat – excuse my French – but just beat the s– out of teams that come into Detroit defensively,” Fisher said. “Not allow them to score. Be crucial in the red zone. I'm going to speak for the defensive backfield, we can't allow the guys to catch balls.”

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Blogger Jesse said...

boy Dave...I really hope they add more than one defensive starter through the draft...

12:53 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Lions,

Please put Curry in the middle of our defense.

1:25 PM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

The defense needs a ton of work, I agree. But I'm not sure they come away with more than two immediate starters (I'd like to amend the "one or two" part of my post). I expect Stafford to go No. 1 and an offensive lineman (guard or tackle) somewhere in the first three rounds as well. On defense, you're looking at a potential starting lineup of:

DE: Avril and White
DT: Jackson and Darby/Flu
LB: Peterson, Sims, ROOKIE
CB: Fisher, Buchanon
S: Bullocks, Henry

A rookie will be starting at linebacker for sure. You've got other possibilities at DT, CB and S, and I'm sure they'll draft contributors at all those positions (or try to, at least). I'm just not sure a third-round cornerback is going to beat out Travis Fisher until later in the year.

1:41 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gotta say i like what fish has to say about the new defense. also like that he's got that kill or be killed attitude now. maybe his best on the field is yet to come. hopefully.

2:28 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in the stands at the opener here in Atlanta. I watched Fisher get burned by that very first TD pass Matt Ryan made in his NFL Debut that went some 65-70 yards. I know one play does not define the player...but Fisher doesnt strike me as being in a position to be the starter. If he is, we're in trouble again. He was signed by Millen to be the Nickel back....I guess I'm just not sold on him.

6:46 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Already half the starting defense has been replaced. That's a necessary first step and it suggests that Birkett is right about Stafford going at number one.

8:56 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading this from anyone but Fisher I might feel a better. This guy should even be on the roster, or the league for that matter. All it seems like to me is he's sucking up to the new staff.

2:51 PM 

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