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Foster speaks highly of Stafford, Culpepper

Before he re-signed with the Lions last week, offensive tackle George Foster was working out at his alma matter Georgia, where he rubbed elbows with potential No. 1 overall pick Matt Stafford.

“I'm not a scout but he looks pretty good,” Foster said. “I don't know how to evaluate quarterbacks and what they look for down after down when watching film. But as far as the eye test, he probably got an A-plus.”

Foster said he and Stafford talked a handful of times about topics ranging from Georgia's current team to the Lions.

“I told him that there's pieces in place up here and mainly Calvin (Johnson),” Foster said. “I told him to be honest with you, if I didn't go back there, I like the guys. Of course my (offensive) line, those are my guys. But the one other guy outside of the o-line room that I would miss would be Calvin because he's a game-breaker. Kind of like what we had in Champ Bailey in Denver, you just knew he was going to do something to change the game. That's how I feel about Calvin.”

Foster said Stafford, who league observers I've talked to expect the Lions to take with the first pick, has the physical tools to play immediately in the NFL.

“There's not a throw he's going to have a problem making that I could see,” Foster said. “Like I said, I am not a scout. How does he throw the out? I don't know. I just know the ball got there really quick and on point and that's all I can say.

“But other than that, he comes from a good program, a program that over the years since (coach Mark) Richt got there makes the players very responsible. You have to take care of you and class; he's on top of those guys very hard, even harder than when I was there. So I think he'll be focused wherever he goes. How he does on the field, I'm not sure.”

In Detroit, Stafford likely would start next season on the bench behind Daunte Culpepper, who continues to get rave reviews from his teammates. Culpepper has dropped 30 pounds this offseason and sounds like a new quarterback.

“The guy looks amazing,” Foster said. “He looks like he's coming out of college and that takes dedication in itself. You know the guy just hasn't been chilling, he's been working. That says a lot in itself. Made an impression on me. It means I know he means business. That's the main thing he's done.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

surprised nobody has done the retarded first comment crap on here yet. hope i didn't just jinx it.

anyway - i'm beginning to think that all the past qb busts shouldn't stop us from trying again with stafford. it's time for us to get the qb of the future and i'm really starting to believe that's stafford. hopefully the last four letters of his name won't doom him to failure.

time will have to tell i guess.

2:30 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does foster being a total bust and disappointment in the NFL count here?

9:29 PM 

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