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Lions sign Foster, Gandy

Don't read too much into the Lions' signings of offensive linemen George Foster and Dylan Gandy. Both players are backups at best and no sure thing to make the team next year.

Foster played the last two seasons with the Lions after coming over in the Dre Bly trade. He started 12 games in Detroit, but lost his job twice last year to rookie Gosder Cherilus. Gandy spent last season with Denver and Oakland but did not appear in a game. He was a backup in Indianapolis from 2005-07.

The Lions still want to add a lineman somewhere in this month's draft, and Tuesday's signings give them options in the early rounds. With Foster as a swing tackle, the Lions can draft an interior lineman in the mold of Cal center Alex Mack or Louisville center Eric Wood. That player would compete with Stephen Peterman and Daniel Loper for a starting job at guard and eliminate the need for Gandy as a backup center. If the Lions go tackle at the top of the draft, a scenario that appears unlikely according to several league observers, Foster could be out of a job.

Free agent tackle Ephraim Salaam also has visited the Lions according to reports, but with Foster in the fold don't expect Salaam to become a Lion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate about the statement of league sources saying it's unlikely the Lions draft an OT early in the draft?

12:46 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

weak top QB's... weak top LT's

Curry in a Hurry.

3:13 AM 
Anonymous Big D said...

Cost wise - if we can't trade the pick - we almost have to pick Stafford.... for any other position, it would be way over-priced... Besides, who says he HAS to start and play THIS year.... Put him on the side-lines and learn... Sooner or later you need a franchise quarterback.. this would start the "seasoning" quicker....

8:01 AM 
Anonymous Steve said...

There was a report on that the Lions were close to a deal with the Browns to acquire Derek Anderson and the #36 overall pick for our #20 overall pick. Have you heard anything about this?

1:42 PM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

Almost to a man, everyone I've talked to in the past few weeks believes the Lions will draft Matt Stafford. These are not people within the organization, and their reasons are different. Some thought Curry or even Raji was a possibility until the Peterson trade/Raji drug reports. Some aren't sold on the tackles. Some for other reasons. Most just believe the Lions want and need a quarterback so bad that Stafford, who's no slouch, will be the pick

Steve, I hadn't seen that report. Been busy with Final Four wrap up stuff. But will try and get an update.

And Big D is right. Stafford won't be starting Week 1 next year. He'll be on the Carson Palmer plan. Now he could accelerate it if he wows everyone in camp, but the Lions are building long term and won't play him just to play him early.

2:59 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"won't play him just to play him early" = will be forced to play him after Culpepper's inevitable injury

6:49 PM 
Anonymous Big Biting Pig said...

Hey Dave,

My feeling is that the Lions probably really like 3 or 4 guys and the person they select will be the one that they can agree to a contract with prior to the draft. For example, if Stafford & Smith are offered the same contract and Stafford says no, but Smith says yes, then Stafford is no longer in consideration.

Am I close or way off?

How much do you think "signability before the draft" will come into play with their ultimate decision?

12:36 PM 

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