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Mock draft: Take 2

I've taken an informal poll of all the player agents I've spoken with over the last few days, including one with a potential top-five pick, and all predict that the Lions will take Matt Stafford No. 1 overall. No one's saying it's a done deal, but there are plenty of whispers around the league. That's why I'm sticking with Stafford at the top of my second mock draft. There's still two weeks to change, and I'll do my final mock two Fridays from now, but I'd be moderately surprised if the Lions end up drafting anyone other than Stafford.

As for the rest of my mock? There's a few changes from the one I put out two weeks ago, including who the Lions take at Nos. 20 and 33.

1. Lions: QB Matt Stafford, Georgia – Will be on the Carson Palmer plan as a rookie.
2. Rams: OT Jason Smith, Baylor – Smith or Eugene Monroe is the pick here.
3. Chiefs: OT Eugene Monroe, Virginia – Scott Pioli's been quiet, but Matt Cassel needs protection.
4. Seahawks: LB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest –  Curry replaces Julian Peterson.
5. Browns: DE Brian Orakpo, Texas – Browns need pass-rushing help.
6. Bengals: OT Andre Smith, Alabama – Smith didn't fall too much after all.
7. Raiders: WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech –  Crabtree's no Calvin Johnson.
8. Jacksonville: WR, Jeremy Maclin, Missouri –  Matt Jones didn't work out, maybe Maclin will.
9. Packers: DT B.J. Raji, Boston College – Big nosetackle will haunt Lions for years to come.
10. 49ers: QB Mark Sanchez, USC – Big pro day gets Sanchez into top 10.
11. Bills: OT Michael Oher, Ole Miss – Look for a Jason Peters trade; Lions should at least inquire.
12. Broncos: OLB Everette Brown, Florida State – Brown or Maybin, pick your preference.
13. Redskins: DE Robert Ayers, Tennessee – Need an end after Jason Taylor's release.
14. Saints: LB Brian Cushing, USC – Secondary is more of a need, but Cushing's a player.
15. Texans: CB Malcolm Jenkins, OSU – Can play corner or safety.
16. Chargers:  OLB Aaron Maybin, Penn State – Best player left on the board.
17. Jets: QB Josh Freeman, Kansas State – I'm not convinced Freeman won't slide to bottom of round.
18. Broncos: LB Rey Maualuga, USC – Denver might actually be able to stop someone next year.
19. Buccaneers: DT Peria Jerry, Ole Miss – New-look Bucs need help up front.
20. Lions: LB James Laurinaitis, Ohio State – With Maualuga gone, Lions can't risk getting a LB later.
21. Eagles: RB Beanie Wells, Ohio State – Eagles have their pick of RBs here.
22. Vikings: OT Eben Britton, Arizona – Vikings need a fix at right tackle.
23. Patriots: LB Clay Matthews, USC – Third USC backer in Round 1.
24. Falcons: TE Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State – Ryan's favorite receiver the next 10 years.
25. Dolphins: CB Darius Butler, UConn – Dolphins will take best player available.
26. Ravens: WR Percy Harvin, Florida – Time to get Flacco some weapons.
27. Colts: DE Tyson Jackson, LSU – Great value if Jackson slides this far.
28. Eagles: DE Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech – Jim Johnson will turn him loose.
29. Giants: WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland – With Plaxico gone, Giants need a WR.
30. Titans: DT Jarron Gilbert, San Jose State – Albert Haynesworth's replacement.
31. Cardinals: RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia – Edge is done in Arizona.
32. Steelers: C Alex Mack, Cal – Steelers need to keep Roethlisberger upright.
33. Lions: DT Evander Hood, Missouri – Should start from Day 1.

In: CB Darius Butler, UConn, OT Eben Britton, DE Michael Johnson
Out: OLB Connor Barwin, CB Vontae Davis, RB Donald Brown

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm fine with either smith or stafford at #1. i like the #20 pick, dave, and even if rey was there at 20, i'd still pick animal jr over him. i think he has the potential to be our next spielman and i really hope the lions get him.

hopefully there's still an above average OT there at 33 when we pick again though.

10:42 AM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

You might get better value out of a C/G at No. 33, and if a few things broke differently in my mock I might have had Mack or Wood at 33. (Don't know exactly what the Lions think of those guys, either.) Taking an OT there, you might end up with a RT and then you're locked into someone out of position for years to come.

11:38 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not a big fan of Stafford at #1. I think there are too many questions about him but we do need a QB and he is the best available. I like Laurinaitis at 20 if Maualuga isn't available.
If Knowshon Moreno slips 2 more picks would the Lions take him with the 33 pick. Another weapon for Stafford and someone to take part of the workload off of Kevin Smith.

11:52 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stafford will want Ft. Knox, the Lions will offer Credit Union One, can't see the sides agreeing prior to draft.

J. Smith, Monroe, or Curry will be the first pick, whichever one signs on the dotted line of the Lions terms, prior to draft.

12:36 PM 
Anonymous Big Biting Pig said...

I would be VERY happy with this draft and I do agree with the #1 & #20 picks. I can't see them passing up Animal at #20. And he will not be there at #33.

I'd love for them to get Hood at #33 so I hope you're right, but I think he'll be gone by then.

I can see the Lions going OL at #33 and possibly going with Alabama's center who is shooting up the boards, and plugging him in at guard.

1:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this mock makes sense, but that is because I like the way it plays out for the Lions.

Two things that I have been thinking about:

Can Laurinitis give the MLB position the flexibility and the blitzing options that Clay Matthews or Larry English might give them? If I was GM I would go Matthews/English/Laurinitis. I might even grab the DT first, because I think one of the three LB's might still be there. And yes, i think that English and Matthews can learn to play the middle.

I like the thought of landing Hood or Jerry. Or Gilbert. But I would also be happy with Dorrell Scott from Clemson in the third. It is just that I feel they need to add at least one more solid corner or safety to this team - and the sooner the better.


1:14 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon Dave, you gotta do more homework. James Lauranitis at 33? Way too high, he won't even be a MLB in the nfl. Terrible Pick. Ziggy Hood at 33? He's not a true DT, more of an inside pass rusher ala Redding who we just got rid of. Bad picks at 20 and 33 IMO.

1:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ziggy Hood can be a lot like what Haynesworth was for Schwartz with the Titans. A big presence that can get after the QB inside. Redding had very few Sacks from the DT spot Hood would be an upgrade over Redding.

I am hoping Maualuga can make it to the Lions at 20 but the Denver now having the 18th pick may nix that. We can't go into another season with Paris Lenon at MLB.

4:10 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We can't go into another season with Paris Lenon at MLB."


4:21 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate it.. reaching for a sub par number 1 QB (of any given year) and then reaching for a MLB...

Dizon'ed again.

11:07 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monroe or Curry!

11:09 PM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

20 might be a tad high for Laurinaitis, but I'm not sure he makes it to 33 and the Lions don't have a MLB on their roster. Besides Maualuga and him, this is widely viewed as a weak MLB class (though Pete Carroll believes Cushing could play MIKE, too). I think Laurinaitis will have a good career when all is said and done.

As for Hood, I was surprised he was there when I got to 33. I've talked to enough people that like him and think he's a first-round talent to think he probably won't make it that far when all is said and done. You could be looking at a C/G combo or CB/KR there instead.

9:27 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laurinitis would start for the Lions from day 1 and is a 3 down back.

Is he a reach at 20? Maybe by a few picks, but not by much. He will NOT get out of the 1st round.

He was solid all through college and would be a huge upgrade at MLB.

2:10 PM 
Anonymous dan sullivan said...

I'd be happy with that draft scenario. All we have to do is put you in the Lions' war room on the bridge.

10:02 AM 

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