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Bryant Johnson looking for big things

Bryant Johnson has never caught more than 49 passes in an NFL season, but the former first-round pick is hoping for big things in Detroit.

“With Calvin Johnson on the other side and (Daunte) Culpepper at quarterback, we have a lot of weapons on offense,” Johnson said Thursday. “I think sky's the limit for our offense, and we're definitely eager to get out there and show it.”

Johnson was one of the Lions' first free-agent signings this offseason. He caught 45 passes and three touchdowns last year in San Francisco, and spent the first five years of his career in Arizona. With the Cardinals, he never lived up to his billing as the No. 17 overall pick and third receiver taken behind Charles Rogers and Andre Johnson. Arizona took another receiver in the second round of the same draft, Pro Bowler Anquan Boldin, and went pass catcher at the top of the 2004 draft as well in Larry Fitzgerald.

In San Francisco, Johnson made 12 starts but fled after one tumultuous season.

For three years and $9 million, the Lions will finally give Johnson the opportunity to be a full-time starter. They expect his deep speed to play well opposite Calvin Johnson, who's coming off 1,331-yard, 12-touchdown season and already has established himself as one of the three best receivers in the game.

Playing with Calvin will “do a lot of good things, not just for my game but for the team as well,” Johnson said. “He's going to draw double coverage, which means I may get singled up a lot and I can use my ability on the back side to beat one-on-one coverage and kind of balance out the defense.

“I just want to come in and do what I'm capable of doing regardless of what numbers I can put up. I just know I can play better than I've played in my career and it's a great opportunity here.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

BJ and CJ .. has a nice ring to it.

11:12 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man - choosing between stafford and smith is getting to be more and more difficult each day.

here's his chat script and i'm now back to thinking he should be the #1 pick:

2:00 PM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

I like Smith a lot, just in talking to people across the league everyone believes Stafford is the pick.

If I'm the Lions, I wouldn't be scared off by past failures with skill players like Joey Harrington, Mike Williams and Chuck Rogers. And I think letting Stafford sit for a year (or most of one) gives him the best chance for success.

Interesting sidebar, and I forget where I read this the other day, but in the past 10 years just six quarterbacks not drafted in the first round have started Super Bowls (including Tom Brady and Kurt Warner). I repeat again, a good QB is the best predictor of success in the NFL.

6:19 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^same here.

with the newly more fierce logo coming out, i don't think it'd be in maywand's best interest to show fear in pulling the trigger on stafford, if he grades out and everyone's on board with the pick. on the other hand i don't want them reaching for him if smith grades above him.

we gotta build the lines first or it won't matter who's back there. god i hate millen and i hate the situation he left us in.


7:18 PM 
Blogger Joe Willy said...

Yup, a good QB is a good thing. And we have a Pro Bowler starting for us and a 2nd round pick to back him up. Fix the 2nd worst defense in NFL history with your top picks and if you want another QB try Bomer or someone else in the later rounds- you're planning to sit him for a year anyway, right? So, why pay him top dollar to warm the bench?

10:17 AM 

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