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Detroit Lions: OC Joe Lombardi will call plays; QBs coach to be hired

Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi said today (Friday) that he will be the one calling plays. Also, he said the Lions are still in the process of hiring a quarterbacks coach.

It had been unclear since Jim Caldwell’s introductory press conference three weeks ago when he said the decision hadn’t been made. At that point Lombardi had not been hired.

“It’s always a collaborative effort,’’ Lombardi said at Friday’s press conference. “I think a lot of the play calls get done during the week in game planning. No matter who’s calling plays certainly a lot of suggestions are being made on game day. Yes, I’ll be the one that will (call plays).’’

Lombardi spent the last five years as quarterbacks coach of the New Orleans Saints where he did not call plays. But certainly the offense goes through the quarterbacks coach.

“Certainly the last few years I’ve been in that mode of what play would I call here,’’ Lombardi said. “As we’re setting up the game plan, it’s very situational, in this situation here’s what we are planning on calling and you certainly have your game day adjustments based on how the defense is playing you and what you expected. It’s something I certainly feel I’m ready to do.’’

He said a determination has not been made whether he’ll call plays from the sideline or up in the coaches box. He said part of that decision is based on who will be the quarterbacks coach.

Lombardi, the grandson of the late Vince Lombardi, will not perform the duties of offensive coordinator and coaching the quarterbacks.

“I certainly would like one. Clearly coach (Jim) Caldwell has a ton of experience with that and I’ve been doing that the last seven years in New Orleans,’’ Lombardi said. “There is a lot of work that goes into a coaching staff. I think one of these Hall of Fame quarterbacks was talking there are a lot of different quarterback  coaches and what they bring. If you can find a talented guy to come into that position, it’s always helpful.’’

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