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Hoop dreams: Lions' Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley can dunk, but do they have game?

ALLEN PARK — Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley would present quite the match-up on the basketball court. Talk about power forwards.

The Lions defensive tackles have talked some trash about their games, but still haven’t thrashed it out on the hardwood.

If Suh was taller, he might be wreaking havoc in the NBA instead of the NFL.

“If I was 6-7 I don’t know if I’d be playing football right now,’’ said Suh who is 6-4.
Suh professed his love for basketball after Wednesday’s practice. He played it in high school even though it was football that would get him to college and then the NFL.

“My game, if I’m going to pick an NBA player that I patterned after I’d say Charles (Barkley) and a little bit of Karl (Malone),’’ Suh said. “I mean, I’ve always — even the way I look at football I’ve always been a combination of people.’’

Can he dunk?

“Yeah, I can still dunk. No question. You want to go play?’’ Suh said, challenging a reporter.

Fairley, who is also 6-foot-4, played high school basketball averaging 20 points and 15 rebounds per game.

“Anybody in this locker room, whoever wants it come get it,’’ he said, challenging everyone.

Asked if Suh could dunk, Fairley said, “Yeah, he can. I don’t know about his game. Everybody, if you got hops you can dunk. I don’t know how his basketball outside of that is.’’

Reggie Bush sees Suh as a scary presence on the basketball court.

“With Suh, he’s an athlete,’’ Bush said. “That’s the scary thing about him is that a guy that big can be as fast as he is and strong as he is. I’m sure he can dunk and do it all.”

Bush, for one would not want to take on a challenge from the big guys.

“Oh yeah definitely. Look at me, I’m only 5-11,’’ Bush said. “I wouldn’t take that charge.”

Suh was in Chicago on Tuesday night to watch No. 2 Michigan State beat No. 1 Kentucky.

He got a chance for a quick word with Spartan alum Magic Johnson who grew up in Lansing and is a big Lions’ fan.

“He’s a really good man. I look forward to having him out to a game and let alone have an opportunity to sit down with him,’’ Suh said. “What he’s done with his career obviously after basketball is, to me, very admiring.’’

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