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Mayock: I'd take Monroe No. 1

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said in a conference call Wednesday, if he was running the Lions he'd take Virginia offensive tackle Eugene Monroe No. 1 overall.

“The way I look at the quarterback position is it's the most important position in the NFL,” Mayock said. “But you better make sure you're going to bang the table and believe in the guy if you're going to take him in the top 10 like I did with Matt Ryan a year ago. He was my No. 1 guy the whole year for a reason. I don't feel the same way about (Matt) Stafford, so if I'm the Lions I take Eugene Monroe and I worry about the quarterback position either at No. 20, trading up from 20, next year, whatever. But me personally, I couldn't afford to take a shot at No. 1 where if I'm wrong I think I set the franchise back another five years.”

Mayock said he prefers Monroe to Baylor's Jason Smith because Monroe is a better pass blocker.

“Best feet of any tackle in the draft,” he said. “His feet remind me of Joe Thomas, and in the NFL the one thing I've learned is that your run blocking's not as big a deal, you better protect your quarterback, and I think Monroe's the best pass-protection left tackle in this draft.”

The Lions have welcomed both Monroe and Smith, plus Stafford and Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry, in for visits in recent weeks. Smith is considered a hair better prospect than Monroe by most analysts, and there's some debate whether his more physical style better suits the Lions' new “get-big” philosophy. Regardless, both are expected to be top-five picks.

As for quarterbacks, Mayock has USC's Mark Sanchez rated No. 1 at the position, but he said Stafford, Sanchez and Kansas State's Josh Freeman are all worthy of first-round picks.

“I've been very positive of all three of them and I like all three of them, but I wouldn't bang the table for any of them like I did for Matt Ryan last year,” Mayock said. “Matt Ryan was my No. 1 guy on the board all year long. But amongst those three, Freeman reminds me of Joe Flacco both on and off the field, and I think if I had to pull the trigger in a top-10 pick with a quarterback I would take Sanchez because I would feel like his floor is higher than the other guys.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dave
I've noticed a couple of things about Monroe's visit to the Lions. 1. It's the only visit of a top pick candidate they didn't publish on their web site. 2. He vistied the day before the final four, kind of under the radar with all the other stuff going on. Should we read anything into this?

2:33 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monroe or Curry are the best choices and only choices.

3:08 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stafford and Smith have a higher risk/reward to them if your going for 'safe' than you should take Monroe #1 overall. Curry can't be a serious choice unless your idiot who is willing to give out one of the worst contracts to a position that doesn't warrant it.

3:57 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'talent over need' = curry

6:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just dug this one up from last April's archive. Find a whole bunch of gems to remind you how great draft day will be.
Dizon does some fuzzy math as well
I'll let you all enjoy yourselves with this:

On if he's big enough to play middle linebacker in the NFL: "Oh yeah. I played in college and you say play middle linebacker in college is different than the NFL. I played in the Big 12. That's a pretty tough conference to play in and half the guys you play against here (on the) offensive line, maybe a quarter of them go to the NFL. I did it in college, I did it in the Big 12 and I'm pretty sure I can do it in the NFL. I'm actually guaranteeing I can do it in the NFL."

6:42 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monroe kept Brandon Albert, a top 20 pick last year, from taking his spot at LT.

Jason Smith went to Baylor as a TE, not a tackle. Smith may be a very good pick, but Monroe seems more logical and more polished as a LT.

I'd be happy with either Smith or Monroe, as long as it isn't Stafford.
Even give me Sanchez over Stafford.

6:47 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Average 1st round QB's have a bust rate of over 50% regardless of where in the first round they are taken (in the last 10 years). Stafford isn't a special p. manning, c palmer talent. 1st round QB's also roughly only have a 1 in 3 chance to be a good QB (worth the money) and not a bust or average QB.

Statistically all QB's taken in first rounds roughly have the same chance to succeed regardless of if they are taken first or 32nd (using the last 10 years).

Stafford is a silly gamble unless you think he is a special grade talent like C. Palmer. I do not think he is and is exempt from the 'first round QB' bust rate.

You can't invest a record 80 million in a 33/66 shot to get a QB worth your money. And a 50/50 chance to not get anything in return at all (bust completely).

Monroe is the safe smart pick.

Curry is the bold, 'buck the trend', recognize that versatile multi role guys are the new invaluable piece of the new hybrid defense NFL.

The game always changes... at one time a LT would never be taken first overall. Super versatile defenders have gained value for a while not (pitt and NE set this trend and won games for it).

9:58 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To follow up.

You can take a QB first over all if he is a special c. palmer talent.. or you think he is.

You can also take a normal average 1st round grade prospect (stafford) in the 1st round.. just not in the top 3 or 5 or so because it will set you back 5 years if you get nothing for your investment. The risk/reward does not pay off. It is a silly gamble.

10:02 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To better understand how important these multirole hybrid defenders have become just take a look at Marvin Harrison for Pitt. And what he meant to that team winning the superbowl. When an offensive coordinator has to call plays.. he will have a nightmare with Curry because he does 3 things at a very high level. First.. he gets to the ball.. run defense.. second he has amazing coverage and big play ability... third he likely will be a viable pass rush threat (though he didn't get a chance to prove it 100% because he was in coverage on passing downs in college).

Curry has a unique skill set for a guy with that size and speed.

He is the bold 'new direction' pick the lions need.

But Monroe is still the smart safe pick.

10:07 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not marvin harrison above;)

I meant James Harrison... fingers have a mind of their own

10:08 PM 

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