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Report - Detroit Lions expected to sign safety James Ihedigbo

Free agent safety James Ihedigbo, who started for the Baltimore Ravens last season, is expected to sign with the Lions per

Ihedigbo played for the Ravens under TerylAustin who was the secondary coach. Austin is now the defensive coordinator for the Lions.

The Lions are in need of a starting safety to play alongside Glover Quin.

In 2013 Ihedigbo, 30, had 100 tackles, three interceptions and two forced fumbles as the starting strong safety.

The Ravens drafted Matt Elam in the first round in 2013 who is expected to start now in place of Ihedigbo.

Ihedigbo, who is coming off a one-year $780,000 contract, has played on three consecutive one-year deals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like it. Addressed another need. Got a #2 WR AND a solid S. Better than Delmas I know that. Corner or Linebacker in the first round. Not looking too shabby

9:48 AM 
Blogger TezzyFresh said...

I think if Mike Evans is still there they are going to take him. I really want to put some faith in those young corners that we already have. I would love for the Lions to get Kalil Mack.

10:00 AM 
Blogger marvin grey said...

Without our current roster and free
agent pickups who's going to stop the LIONS now and that's not even including our draft picks

10:14 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing stopping the Lions is the Lions

10:19 AM 
Blogger Detanakin said...

He's not better then Delmas period just follow the money you get paid like you play for most part that's why Delmas was first free agent signed

10:23 AM 
Blogger Francko said...

Delmas was the first free agent signed because he was cut! That, by default, gave him a few days to negotiate before everyone else.

10:55 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's solid against the run, but is mediocre in coverage. The biggest areas of improvement over Delmas are his durability and his tackling.

I'd rather see the Lions looking at Chris Clemmons, but Ihedigbo is familiar with our DC and should come cheap, which is important without a Suh deal in place.

11:26 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask Joe Flacon if he is paid what he is worth. He'll say yes, everyone else in the world will say no.

11:52 AM 
Anonymous wearn said...

No how to spell befor post what has your QB done wait what has the lion's done notta the only good thing about your lion's was Barry Sanders and as i remember his last game was against my ravens and Barry did nothing i was there he is the goat at RB......Bmore 4 life Bmore careful. ......

12:44 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@wearing Jesus christ man, fucking learn how to talk, or better yet type. My guess is you proly dropped out of school or more likely got kicked out. You are literally what is wrong with society, morons like you give humanity a bad name.

1:03 PM 

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