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Lions Gunther Cunningham out of his mind dissecting late TDs

In the last three games the Detroit Lions defense has allowed four touchdown drives in less than five minutes of combined time.

“I’m going out of my mind, I’ll be honest with you. There are some things happening I’ve never seen before,’’ defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham said on Friday.

 In the loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, the Lions gave up two touchdowns in the final two minutes and lost the game.

 Cunningham said the defense had forced seven three-and-outs that game.

“That said, I can not figure out what happens, because we had drives within those games, you can’t go out there six or seven times in a game and go three-and-out and then give up touchdown drives, it just doesn’t work that way,’’ Cunningham said. “There’s something in the water on the sideline I think. We have to figure it out.’’

  He doesn’t like to lay blame on one person or position group for that final touchdown on fourth-and-10, but he suggested it was the secondary.

 “I’m not sitting here making excuses, but you put one nickel in and he goes down, then you put the next one in who’s never played in there before,’’ Cunningham said. “You can survive things X amount of times.’’

 With the number of injured defensive backs, it’s been rough for Cunningham.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gunther is finally starting to get a clue. He can dissect it all he wants but he'll eventually leave town a loser like all the rest. It's not just in the water. It's in the air, the culture, and the entire sordid history of the Lions as losers. They will find a way. Get used to it Paula. DNA doesn't lie.

3:42 AM 

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