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After another heart-breaking loss, Lions plan to hang tough next four games

DETROIT — After three heart-breaking losses, what can the Lions say?

 They are not throwing in the towel. This is a team that’s prideful and knows it has the talent to win. It has just wasted golden opportunities on its way to a 4-8 record.

 The 35-33 loss to the Indianpolis Colts was particularly painful because it was fresh. But they all hurt.

 “We’re a team of pride, this is our job. we’re going to watch the film make corrections go back out and play,’’ said safety Don Carey who had a pair of interceptions in the loss. 

 Matthew Stafford says in the final four games he expects to show up and try to win.

 “It’s what you have to do. This is a tough league. You have to be mentally, physically, emotionally (tough),’’ Stafford said. “You got to be strong, you got to be square and you got to be ready to go. The guys that can do that will last and the guys that don’t won’t last. You get tough times like this and you have to see who is ready to go.’’

 Coach Jim Schwartz had much the same message. “This is a tough leagu for tough people and we’ll find ou who’s tough and who’s not,’’ Schwartz said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Find out whose tough" or not.........Schwartz

If they lose they are not tough?lol

12:33 PM 

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