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Lions Titus Young blows chance to apologize, clear the air

ALLEN PARK — After Titus Young’s performance with the media on Friday, it will a be surprise if he ever plays another snap for the Lions.

The Lions second-year wide receiver made the situation much worse by not answering questions, other than to say he’s not talking about the past.

 He had a few days to prepare. He was back at practice on Wednesday and we were told he would talk on Friday.

Still, he looked like an idiot. Make that an idiot hiding behind shades.

He should have stood up, taken off his Ray Bans, looked straight at the gaggle of reporters and say he was sorry for his inappropriate behavior that was detrimental to the team. Address the fans, tell them he’s sorry and he’s learned his lesson. 

It’s fine to say you don’t want to talk about the past, but there’s unfinished business and the only way to get over it is with an apology.

 Young talked for less than two minutes before he was cut off by a media relations spokesperson. It was a disaster from a public relations standpoint. If any Lions fans still harbored hope that Young might make a big turn-around, once they saw the video they probably think otherwise.

Hood up, stocking cap in place, did I mention the sunglasses?

 First thought? Unabomber.

 His teammates were watching and at least one  spoke out. Dominic Raiola got a few things off his chest about Titus Demetrius Young.

 It’s very sad. He’s been given more than one chance. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors with Young and the coaching staff, but he hurt his cause on Friday. 

 He’s let his coaches, teammates, fans and the city down. Obviously, he has no respect for any of the above. 

 Such a shame.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not to defend Young, but you reporters can't seem to find out what he did in the first place. He said he would talk to you and he did, before getting cut off by a team official. Contrary to what you may think, he might owe his coaches and teammates an apology for whatever got him in the doghouse, but if anybody owes an apology to the reporters, it's Schwartz who won't talk about it. He's the one behind the gag order to begin with. How come you don't go after him? Young owes no apology to the fans either because he's performed fairly well on the field and thats all that should matter. So he had on a hoody and some shades. Big deal. The Unabomber thing was a cheap shot and you should be above that Paula.

2:11 AM 

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