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Fights at training camp a fact of life, not due to lack of discipline

ALLEN PARK — On the last day of training camp a year ago, Lions’ practice got chippy with a few fights here and there.

The players dismissed it as boys being boys. They said it doesn’t carry over into the locker room, it’s not personal. In fact, one of them (I think it was Dominic Raiola) said it was actually a good sign because it meant players weren’t mailing it in on the last day of training camp. Good point.

So on Wednesday, Willie Young and Matt Clapp got into it. They were followed by friction between Corey Hilliard and Kyle Vanden Bosch whose motor is at top speed during practice.

Coach Jim Schwartz got tired of separating guys, so he had the whole team run gassers. It was brutally hot and humid making the gassers more miserable.

Should we look at this as a sign of something horrible going on at Lions’ camp?

Absolutely not. This is training camp in the NFL. It will have no carryover into the locker room or Friday’s game.

It has nothing to do with discipline and everything to do with the dog days of camp. You might be a little irritable if you were three weeks into camp and a guy held you once too often.

Fans last year got all in a dither about the fights. Cool it. Please. It’s no big deal.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

dominic raiola made a good point? he flaps his gums a lot for someone who has never been on a winning team. he should just shut up. fights are nothing new. its happening in all the other training camps. when it comes to lack of discipline, only one name jumps out. caputo. if anybody ever needed to run gassers its him.

3:46 AM 

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