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Rosenhaus: Don't count out Stanton

Agent Drew Rosenhaus finally got around to Twittering about his client Drew Stanton. In a post this morning, Rosenhaus wrote, "Don't count out Drew Stanton in the Lions' QB derby. Drew has all the ingredients to be a top QB in the NFL and he is ready to compete."

I'm heading to the Lions celebrity bocce ball tournament later today and Stanton is supposed to be there. I give him credit for talking with the media last week (and saying he intended to fight for his job) when Daunte Culepper would not. I'll see if there's anything new on the Stanton front (doubt it) and if Culpepper is willing to talk (doubt it even more), but his best bet to get on the field in the NFL remains a trade out of town.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask him: "then why didn't mayhew give him more of an opportunity for playing time towards the end of last season"

or "then why would mayhew say it would be a 'stretch of the imagination' to think of stanton being able to start"

Sure would be nice to have seen him play a little more last season to know what we have with our 2nd rounder.

11:45 AM 
Blogger Imperical said...

Stanton Has no trade valus , the Lions front office made sure of that.

6:05 PM 

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