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More updates from Rosenhaus

Agent Drew Rosenhaus has sent out tweets about two more of his Lions clients.

On running back Kevin Smith, Rosenhaus writes: "I like Kevin Smith's guarantee that the Lions will make the play-offs in 09. You must have confidence to succeed in the NFL and Kev has it"

On safety Louis Delmas, Rosenhaus writes: "Louis Delmas is creating a real buzz in Detroit. I'm not surprised. Louis is the prototype free safety and should have been a 1st rounder."

He hasn't responded to my tweet asking about another client, Drew Stanton, and what comes next for him now that Matthew Stafford is on board.

You can follow Rosenhaus on Twitter at RosenhausSports and you can follow me davebirkett.

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Blogger Imperical said...

It would be very interesting to hear what Rosenhaus had to say about Stanton. I think at this point , Stanton is 3rd string , I can't see any FA veteran QBs left out there worth cutting a second round draft pick , or even putting Stanton on the practice squad.

Your blog feed is now on my site , good stuff.
Imperical Evidence

2:41 AM 
Blogger Imperical said...

Imperical EvidenceOk , this link is good.

2:44 AM 
Blogger SprBwlB4IDie said...

I totally agree with Imperical that unless Stanton shows he just doen't have what it takes, he should be the #3. It is a shame that Marinelli thought he had to chase a near meaningless win (like that could salvage his job) instead of playing Stanton. Who knows? Stanton may have been able to muster a win, but now we STILL don't know if he can be an NFL-caliber QB and he has no trade value. I would rather see Stanton in the game than any of the free agent QB hacks that are available.

People that want us to sign Grossman are smoking some stuff that was sprayed with a nasty herbicide. Why is someone who has played and shown poorly more valuable that someone who has never been given a chance and could be great? Stanton should not be considered a bust until he proves he is one and I don't trust the last regime's ability to judge talent.

And now for something completely different (and unimportant):

When are you going to update your Eye View banner with a Ferocious Bubbles helmet?

8:54 PM 

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