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Foote excited for a 'fresh start'

New middle linebacker Larry Foote signed his one-year contract and met with the media today. He said he asked the Steelers for a trade shortly after the Super Bowl in February and always hoped to be a Lion, but didn't know if that was possible until after last month's draft.

“I think if they would have took the linebacker (Aaron Curry) No. 1 or the kid at USC (Rey Maualuga), they'd have had three spots,” Foote said. “All spots, you got to earn it, but they'd have had three guys penciled in as starters so I might have been looking elsewhere.”

As it is, Foote's penciled in to start in the middle of the Lions defense, with Julian Peterson and Ernie Sims as his running mates. That's a significant upgrade over a linebacker corps that featured Sims, Paris Lenon and Ryan Nece last year. Lenon and Nece are still free agents.

Foote said he has more to offer as a player than he showed the last seven seasons in Pittsburgh and wants to “spread my wings a little bit.”

“I'm just coming in with some tape on my helmet with my name on it and a fresh start,” he said. “The playing time and the football part will take care of itself.”

Other highlights from Foote's media session today:

• On why he preferred a one-year deal to multi-year contract: “I wanted a one-year deal, basically. I wasn't fighting with my agent, we wasn't fighting with (general manager Martin) Mayhew last night, we just said whatever it takes let's get it done. I told Tom Lewand, in a couple months you're going to wish you signed me longer because I'm going to be worth a lot more in a couple months.”

• On the transition from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense: “I had my first meeting with the linebackers coach and we put in a couple of the base defenses and it was similar to some of the stuff we did at Pittsburgh. My mind wasn't as lost as the other guy that was next to me, so hopefully – I ain't going to say his name – hopefully I can learn everything faster.”

• On what he brings as a middle linebacker: “Just a good football player. I bring leadership, experience, I'm a vet and I don't got to say I'm tough, but I definitely am tough. I'm just going to bring quality football at that position.” He said he's ready for a lot more collisions, too. “I don't mind collisions. You can ask my mother that since I've been a kid.”

• Foote, who'll wear No. 55, said he intends to be heavily involved in the community and stay in the area after he retires. He's already working on a plan to build a charter school in Detroit. “I'm excited to be home full time,” he said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy happy joy joy!

3:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

guy's bordering on the confident/arrogant line. he could have left the part about 'the other guy next to him' who's mind was spinning out. whatever though. hopefully he'll walk the walk.

3:30 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I was adamently against Martin Mayhew as our new GM. I know it has only been a few months since he took over, but he has done a phenominal job thus far IMO. This team, (on paper at least) is possibly already better than any of the 8 rosters that Millen put together. I haven't been this confident in Lions coaching staff since I can remember, and I just hope for some good football this year. win or lose, just dont get blown out. when we started 6-2 in 07 it was obvious they weren't a 6-2 team just by looking at the Philly and Washington losses. No 6-2 team should lose by 30 points.

3:59 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^agreed. as long as we're at least competitive and not getting blown out in our losses, i'll be happy.

the writing was on the wall when we played the eagles and redskins a few years ago.

4:05 PM 
Blogger Jesse said... it just me, or is this team starting to look a little scary on both sides of the ball? Add one more piece to each line, and I'm thinking they rival any other team in the North...I'm blown away right now.

10:57 AM 

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