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Rosenhaus on Kevin Smith

Super agent Drew Rosenhaus sent out a tweet on Lions running back Kevin Smith earlier today. The update: "Kevin Smith played much of last season with an injured shoulder for the Lions. He is feeling healthy and expects to have a monster season."

Smith, who finished just shy of 1,000 yards last year, said he's dropped about six pounds this offseason and is looking forward to his role in the new offense.

"Speed kills," he said of his new look.

The Lions signed Maurice Morris to kick off free agency, and while Morris has looked good in camp so far, I still think Smith will get the bulk of the carries. People underestimate his blocking ability, and Smith said he wants to have a bigger impact as a pass catcher.

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Blogger Martimus said...


I have to agree about his blocking ability. Smith looked like Tony Boselli compared with Rudi Johnson. Smith was very good but the Boselli comment was really just an indictment on how horrible Rudi Johnson is at pass protection. He went out of his way to avoid contact on any blitzing defender.


3:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Love you blog!! Question about RB Antone Smith, he signed a 3yr deal, what are the chances of him being the 3rd back on the roster and beating out Aaron Brown in training camp? How impressed were the coaches with him and do you see him being the KR if he makes the team? Thanks!!!

4:07 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really liking the moves the Lions have been making.

I'm concerned about the DT position, but hey, you can't fix this mess in 1 year. At least we'll get a good idea as to what some of the young DT's we have will be able to do. And I guess they may still nab Kevin Carter and get him in the mix as well.

Secondary and Linebackers should be leagues better than what we had the last few years.

I'm so glad we made it through the Millen disaster. Wow.

5:11 PM 
Blogger Imperical said...

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About Smith , do you think the Lions would put him behind Morris on the depth chart?
I hope not , and after the Antone Smith signing , does the Aaron Brown pick make any sense ?

Imperical Evidence

4:26 AM 

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