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Stafford or Cutler, who do you want?

I spent about 20 minutes talking Aaron Curry with Wake Forest linebackers coach Brad Lambert earlier today, but I'll save the details of that conversation for tomorrow when I'm bogged down with NCAA tournament coverage and all this Jay Cutler-Matt Stafford talk subsides (somewhat, at least).

For now, one more post on Cutler and Stafford. More of a question, actually. If you're the Lions, which quarterback do you prefer and why?

I can make the case for both guys. Cutler is 25, a Pro Bowler and one of the top two young quarterbacks in the game (along with Matt Ryan). He has a rocket for an arm and a box full of tools the Lions have salivated over for years, and I'm not as worried about the immaturity issues as some. Granted, he hasn't handled this situation perfectly, but that's what happens in the NFL when someone needs to engineer a trade.

Stafford has even better tools than Cutler, including his own fully-equipped Howitzer, and by all accounts impressed the Lions in his private workout Tuesday. There are questions about his NFL readiness, but he started more college games than Ryan (34 to 32) and likely would sit half or more of next season behind Daunte Culpepper.

If things were equal, if the No. 1 pick was the only compensation it took to land Cutler, I'd want the more proven commodity. But that's not the case, not with four, six or eight teams bidding for the quarterback. It'll probably cost the Lions three picks – remember, their second first rounder (No. 20) is less attractive than Washington's (13), New York's (17), Chicago's (18) or Tampa Bay's (19) – including a high choice next year, and they might need to involve a third team to get any deal done.

Admittedly, Cutler and Curry or Baylor's Jason Smith – assuming the Lions hold on to No. 1 – is as good a draft haul as any imaginable. But the Lions have said time and again, including today, that they intend the build long term and through the draft, and if they're sold on Stafford this is the time to make good on their word.

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Blogger Matthew said...

Stafford if Cutler costs any more then #20. Ideally I'd draft Curry and hope a good LT falls to #20. Then pick up a QB in next years draft.

8:19 PM 
Blogger Zeus said...

I don't see us getting Cutler unless we're willing to give up the first pick and more. If we don't give up the first pick, we would still have to give up more than we can afford to give up. With all the other teams that are interested in Cutler, we cannot get into a bidding war. I say forget Cutler, and just stick to the plan.

8:24 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd prefer Jay Cutler NOW, but not at the expense of building the core of players for the future. Is Jay Cutler really going to make that much of a difference this year or next considering all of the glaring needs we have? Admittedly, we'd probably win two or three more games in 2009, but I'd rather win 12 more games in 2011. Did you happen to see how far Cutler was able to get the Broncos with that defense????

8:32 PM 
Blogger Zeus said...

I would rather have Stafford as long as we can fix the offensive line. If we can't fix the offensive line, I don't want any new QB because it won't really matter. Check out this great article on why rookie QB's fail in the NFL -

9:27 PM 
Anonymous vandee said...

How about trade #20, a draft pick in 2010 and Peterson for Cutler. Draft Curry number 1, draft o-line with 33.

9:43 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neither for the costs... draft defense!


1:21 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, let's review.
Apart from a he said, she said type fo thing, Cutler is demonstrating the same type of immaturity that can come back and bite the Lions in the butt if they take Stafford. Next, anyone who believes that Cutler can be had at the bargain basement wages he is currently drawing are way off. Cutler's agent will certainly want to draw up a new and improved deal for his client, and with the draft so close, that could mean money in the range of the Lion's first pick.
And the cost doesn't stop there: The Lions will likely need to give up one or both first round picks, or a first rounder this year and next or equivalent, plus in all likelihood, one of their QB's. That is a significant cost for a player that could rightfully be viewed as a potential troublemaker.
Now for the positives. This could solve the QB dilemma that the Lions face, and if they could retain the first overall selection, would allow them to grab either Curry or Smith, or trade the pick down for a mid to late first rounder and maybe a second or third. But.....
I and many others have insisted that the Lions do not need QB help this year, drawn from a group of overachieving underclassmen; that selecting Smith or Curry as No. 1 and using No. 20 for the inverse of the first pick, i.e., OL or MLB, and then address the defense further during the later rounds would be the way to go. Address the QB situation in the '10 draft, when the group of QB's expected to come out will mostly be seniors with more experience and better overall skill sets. If someone in LionsLand has a burr under their saddle to get a QB, then take the Texas Tech kid with No. 33 or later and release Henson. But as QB's go, it would probably be best for the Lions to show some patience and wait, not only on Cutler and Stafford, but on all their QB's, for now.

1:27 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason Campbell?
heard he was offered up for a second. I would swap 2nds with Washington for Campbell. drop 12 spots, save money, bring in a semi-veteran to compete for a cheap price, if he wins, pay him. Low risk, good competition, draft and LT with the first pick and build it up. Sure, you lose out on some players that could help out at 33. but if the Skins have one at 45, or a second next year, do you take a chance on a cheap possibly motivated startin-experienced QB.

4:18 AM 
Anonymous Steve said...

I love how everyone says Stafford is inexperienced and he can't come in and help this year. Ge started 34 games in college compared to 5th year starter Matt Ryans 32. He is a Jr coming out but he started as a true freshmen and still has tons of room to grow. It is going to take a ton to get Cutler, and ESPN reported this morning that the Broncos want nothing to do with #1 overall. Everyone else in trade talks is above 20, so we would have to give up multiple picks this year and next. If they are going to go QB I would honestly rather have Stafford. But I would take Stafford over next years QB class as well.

8:45 AM 
Anonymous Mike said...

Word is that the Broncos are looking for two firsts for Cutler. I'd offer them 1.20 and 2.1, and a 3rd or 4th next year for Cutler and a 4th-5th this year. Our 2nd is practically another first.

It sounds like a lot to give up, but when you really think about it it'd be so worth it. Picks in the 20-33 range at best work out 50% of the time, so chances are we'd only get 1 long term starter out of those two picks. And that's just a solid starter, we'd be massive underdogs to find a probowler at a key position with one of those picks.

Cutler is proven, and we could pair him with Jason Smith or Monroe (whichever the Lions feel is better) to help give him some time to do his thing.

11:41 AM 
Anonymous Mike said...

Nevermind ... get ready for Stafford, boys.

6:56 PM 

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