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Orlovsky happy to be a backup - in Houston

Dan Orlovsky signed a three-year deal with the Houston Texans Sunday with the understanding he'd be the backup quarterback to Matt Schaub. Though he was offered a similar opportunity in Detroit, the chance to back up Daunte Culpepper, Orlovsky said the situations were different.

“I'm coming in as the backup,” Orlovsky said Sunday by phone shortly before he was scheduled to meet with Houston-area reporters. “Matt is the starter and that's where it's at and I'm comfortable with that. And I'm excited about it.”

And why didn't he seriously consider accepting the same backup role in Detroit?

“Just because it was different,” Orlovsky said. “I'll say I understand what Matt's role on this team is. They brought him in to be their starter and he's earned every right to be, he's played deservingly so. I just didn't understand how (the Lions) wanted to bring me back to be Daunte's – and this is no disrespect to Daunte in the least bit – but to bring me back to be Daunte's backup when the play didn't merit that.”

Culpepper started five games after signing out of retirement last November. He threw six interceptions and completed just 52.2 percent of his passes (60-of-115 for 786 yards) before a shoulder injury cut short his season.

Orlovsky started seven games and fared best among Detroit's three starters (Jon Kitna started the first four games of the year) with a quarterback rating of 74.3. He said he was told he would be Culpepper's backup before Culpepper signed.

“I will be eternally grateful to Mr. Ford and his family for the opportunity they gave me and for the coaches I had the opportunity to play under,” Orlovsky said. “I think the thing that I'll miss most is some of the people within that building that you get to build relationships with and the players. I'll miss playing with Dominic (Raiola), I'll miss playing with Kevin (Smith) and Calvin (Johnson) and (Jeff) Backus and spending time with my good friends Drew (Stanton) and Don Muhlbach.

“I'm going to miss those relationships. At the end of the day that played a part in my decision making, it honestly did, but I had to do what was going to be best for my career and my family.”

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Anonymous freebird22 said...

Based upon performance, Orlovsky is right. He should have been the leading candidate to the the starter.

However, the failure to stay and fight for the job sounds more like bruised ego than anything else--much like what the Broncos are going through with Cutler now.

3:16 PM 
Blogger Bret said...

DanO must enjoy wearing a headset as part of his official uniform. He had a better chance of getting on the field in Detroit this next season than in Houston.

I could see Mayhew Packaging the #20 pick along with Stanton to trade for Cutler closer to the draft. In the meantime signing Grossman as a backup.

3:32 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe a little bit of "bruised ego", but I think more just not wanting to get jerked around... Mayhew may have said publicly that Orlovsky would have an opportunity to compete for the starting job, but based upon everything that's already happened why would Orlovsky actually believe that to be true? And if the Lions sign (Grossman) and/or draft (Stafford, Sanchez, etc.) more quarterbacks, what then?

I think Orlovsky's spot on - he did what's best for his career at this point.

4:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like carr is in detroit now:

hopefully he signs.

7:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was always happier to see Orlovsky under center than Culpepper or that ham sandwich Stanton (I think that guy had more sacks than passes thrown)Another QB getting jerked around by Mayhew.

And he has a pretty good shot at getting some playing time in Houston. Wasn't Shaub injured for 1/2 of last season?

6:33 PM 

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