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Lions stilll in the CB market

The Lions acquired two defensive backs Saturday, signing free agent Eric King and trading for Dallas' Anthony Henry, but they're not done revamping their secondary yet.

Free-agent cornerback Jabari Greer is in town visiting tonight, and the Lions remain his hottest pursuer. Keith Smith and Travis Fisher are the main holdover corners, but Greer would step immediately into a starting position. He intercepted two passes in 10 games last year and returned both for touchdowns.

Henry, by the way, can play both cornerback and safety, where the Lions have a need as well. Daniel Bullocks had an up-and-down season and Gerald Alexander is returning from a serious neck injury.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good to know. wonder if they'll get greer and clayton to sign since nate is all but guaranteed to sign with the titans. go figure, eh.

i'm still thinking that if the broncos are shopping cutler we could get him.

7:00 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dave, are you hearing anything about cutler landing in detroit for our numb 1 pick and e sims or anything like that? been reading the mlive forums and people are saying that they're hearing stuff on the denver news and fox news stations.

7:09 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's an interesting cutler link:

like i said before, denver has some serious damage control to do with cutler if they don't want a disgruntled QB playing for them this year.

8:48 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cutler for the #1 pick AND Sims? Anybody who believes that must be high, especially after the lowball Cassel deal.

10:22 PM 
Anonymous Mike said...

The Patriots had to deal Cassell though. They weren't going to pay a guy 14 mil a year to sit on the bench, so it was pretty obvious he was going to be dealt for whatever they could get, and other teams knew that.

The Broncos are in an entirely different situation since Cutler is their starting QB and they don't have anyone else that can start for them (let alone Tom Brady ready to return to his job).

It seems like the new Broncos coach and former Patriots offensive coordinator prefered Cassell to Cutler, but now that Cassell is off the table chances are they're content to stick with Cutler.

10:28 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the Broncos are looking at one of the QB's coming out. Remember it is a new regieme in Denver.

10:43 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

clayton signs with the bucs for 5 years according to the tampa tribune. damnit.

12:57 AM 

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