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Corey Smith, 3 others missing

ABC News in Clearwater, Fla., is reporting that an unnamed Lions player is missing after a fishing trip to the Gulf of Mexico Saturday morning.

Lions spokesperson Bill Keenist said the team is looking into the report and trying to gather the appropriate information.

According to the report, linked below, a 21-foot fishing boot left at 6:30 a.m. yesterday with four people on board. The boaters were supposed to return after dark, but a friend called to report them missing about 1:30 a.m. According to a dispatcher, three of the boaters are NFL players, including one that plays for the Lions and another for the Raiders.

Update: Just got off the phone with Ronald Del Duca, the agent for defensive end Corey Smith. He confirms that the player missing is Smith. Obviously, keep Smith and his family in your prayers and hope for the best.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

not that it matters in the grand scheme of things, but corey became a FORMER lion on fri when he became a UFA.

orlo has signed with the texans [shocking] and it's being reported that even the broncos were interested in him as well.

i think this would work for our new logo:

the basic outline is still there with an added 'evil eye' and some teeth. sounds good to me.

2:33 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ga...fricken...lory....that is a horrible logo....well...then again we play like we are in the why not a logo like them?

12:49 AM 

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