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Kitna: I wasn't welcome in the locker room

Jon Kitna, traded from the Lions to the Cowboys for cornerback Anthony Henry over the weekend, was asked on a conference call with Dallas reporters Monday how tough it was to be a part of last year's 0-16 season.

“You kind of felt like we were headed in the right direction and then there was just a difference of philosophies and things and Coach Martz was let go and we tried some different things and it didn't work out,” Kitna said. “We tried to do addition by subtraction in terms of some players and things just didn't work out. And then last year getting put on injured reserve after the fourth game and I wasn't even around, wasn't really welcome into the locker room and all those things.

“It was a tough thing for those guys to have to go through, especially the last half of the season. I'm just glad that's over and that chapter is done and I'm just looking forward to moving forward.”

Kitna started four games last year before a back injury conveniently relegated him to IR. Before the injury, Kitna clashed with coaches over changes to the offense, including the promotion of Jim Colletto as coordinator to replace Mike Martz.

Kitna threw for 4,000 yards in his two full seasons as Lions starter. In Dallas, he'll be reunited with receiver Roy Williams, who was traded last October for first- and third-round picks.

“It's an opportunity to be on a football team that is committed to trying to win a championship every single year,” Kitna said. “In my career that hasn't necessarily been the case. I'm really excited about that opportunity and just coming down here and doing whatever I can to try to help Tony or whatever the offense needs do the best they can. I'm just really excited about it. I've never lived anywhere warm. It's a dream come true, really.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure he wasn't welcome. Mayhew had essentially already cut the guy.

I have no special love for Kitna--he did lose the 1st GB game all by himself--but the guy did make us at least fun to watch for 2 years. I think we should have treated him with a little more respect than what we did. Instead, Mayhew kind of crapped the bed by bringing in Culpepper.

6:29 PM 
Blogger DetFan1979 said...

But he also got a quality D-Back for Kitna, after essentially cutting him 4 games into last season.

I give Mayhew credit for that. I find you become jaded or slappy if you don't look at both the positive and the negative.

6:43 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I give him all the credit for robbing Dallas of its entire draft. But once the Cowboys stop letting the cleaning guy answer the phone when Mayhew calls, we are back to square one.

I am jaded because I am watching the Lions sit on their hands during an offseason we could be restocking at almost any position on the team. And I worry that there is not some master plan they are holding close to their vest because Mayhew is not some new guy. He was sitting next to Millen for the last 5 years.

However, with all that, I still hope I am wrong. Maybe Mayhew is a genius and he finds 18 starters sitting around at a Coney place.

7:02 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't think the cutler situation is gonna blow over any time soon:

i don't see the broncos admitting they tried to trade him and apologizing to him either.

8:08 PM 

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