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Detroit Lions: Three reasons they will finish second in NFC North

(Until training camp starts at the end of July, Lions Lowdown will be posted five times a week using the list format.)
The Lions finished dead last in the NFC North last year with a 4-12 mark. Here are three reasons they will finish second to the Green Bay Packers this year:
1. The Chicago Bears’ biggest change is with Marc Trestman as head coach. They still have offensive line issues (stop me if you’ve heard this before) and will be playing without Brian Urlacher. Their draft class was considered the worst in the division. Don’t see it coming together too quickly for the Bears.
2. The Minnesota Vikings were surprising last season in part because Adrian Peterson came roaring out of the gate after ACL surgery shocking everyone in the NFL. The Vikings have Christian Ponder at quarterback who hasn’t proven himself. Yet they also had a good draft. 
3. The Lions will be better. They’ve made defensive improvements (taller defensive ends and more depth at defensive back) particularly to play better against their NFC North opponents.
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Blogger Chris Jackson said...

Getting more specific and bold. I like it. There's plenty to be optimistic about. We Lion fans need to break out of the historical funk sometimes and just take in a season as an independent event. There's no mystical force at work, keeping the Lions from finding success.

Yet most writers seem scared to put much stock in this team. Understandable given last year's performance.

This year will be interesting. Was last year an anomaly or was 10-6 the anomaly? I tend to think it was last year.

8:28 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chris. I tend to think history disagrees with you. Remember what they say about watching the same movie over and over again and expecting it to turn out different in the end.

2:38 AM 

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