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Detroit Lions: Three reasons record will improve from 4-12

(Until training camp starts at the end of July, Lions Lowdown will be posted five times a week using the list format.)
 The Lions are coming off a 4-12 season after going to the playoffs the year before. Here are three reasons they will improve on that record:
1. The offense will be more multidimensional. Last year they were counting on the return of Jahvid Best. Martin Mayhew said it was his biggest mistake entering that season. Now they have Reggie Bush who has similar playmaking abilities. Plus younger running backs Mikel Leshoure and Joique Bell are more experienced. Ryan Broyles and Nate Burleson didn’t play full seasons due to injuries, but now they are healed and raring to go.
2. The defense has added length (Ziggy Ansah, Jason Jones, Devin Taylor) and speed (Darius Slay, Glover Quin). While younger it could be better. A key addition is Jim Washburn who is helping coach the defensive line.
3. Unlike last offseason, this team is hungrier. There’s a get-on-board attitude or get off the bus. They’ve all got a chip on their shoulders, even the new guys. We’ll see if they can take that attitude onto the field for every snap.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's three reasons from a different point of view.
1. Given their pitiful showing last year, the Lions will have a weaker schedule.
2. Get on board or get off the bus is skipping over a crucial step. The Lions would be better served if they finally sold their players on staying off the police blotter. First things first.
3. Mostly, it's because they couldn't get much worse. Given a few breaks here and there, they might go 8-8.

2:03 AM 
Blogger Chris Jackson said...

They'll improve, provided they stay healthy. I think there's a lot of talent in the defensive backfield that wasn't all there most of last season.

I think, though unproven, they defensive ends are far better. I think it takes a superior athlete to play that position well and they have that in Ziggy.

The offense -- again, injuries are a concern with the receivers (God forbid Megatron suffers a setback) but they should be fine. The line is another element that, though unproven, will be better simply because of the athleticism.

9:10 AM 
Anonymous Jeff said...

Anonymous, you are wrong on all counts.

1. The Lions schedule this season is rated the second toughest in the league.

2. None of the Lions have been arrested this offseason.

3. Breaks won't get them to 8-8, it has to be disciplined football. And they are trending in that direction.

1:08 PM 
Anonymous Ida said...


1:59 AM 

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