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Detroit Lions: Five things we learned about 'Kickalicious'

Havard “Kickalicious” Rugland was a curious addition to the Lions’ roster because the Lions signed veteran NFL kicker Dave Akers to replace Jason Hanson. 
The Norwegian soccer player has never played football, but he has quite the leg strength. Here are five things we learned about Kickalicious in minicamp and the OTAs:
1. He appears to be a quick learner. He had never even worn a helmet until rookie minicamp in early May. Coach Jim Schwartz said he’s moved from one step to another with ease. 
2. He’s serious about trying to make it to the NFL and works hard in that effort.
3. His famous four-minute YouTube video showed his kicking prowess with him kicking the football into a trash can and through a basketball net. We know now he can also kick it through the uprights. One day in minicamp he was particularly amazing with 100-percent accuracy from as far as 50 yards.
4. When he kicks field goals on the Lions’ outdoor practice field there’s a grassy knoll behind the goal posts and then a barn. He routinely kicked the football through the uprights and over the barn and it didn’t look like he was overkicking  — it looked like he wasn’t using all his leg strength.
5. The preseason will be the big test for Rugland. He should not be laughed off. In 1966 there was another kicker looking for a shot in the NFL and the Lions gave him a tryout. He had never played football either. He passed the test and as a rookie broke a record kicking six field goals in one game. He lasted 15 seasons in the NFL, going to the Pro Bowl twice.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of that makes sense, and some is just dumb. Kickalicious might be a quick learner, but he doesn't appear to be too bright. As a free agent, why would he choose the woeful Lions to try out for? Serious about making the NFL? Are you kidding? What else does he have to do? Since when does the Norwegian soccer team pays NFL wages? Why would a laughing stock franchise laugh off anybody? C'mon Paula. Those guys are famous for the comedy routines. And of course you were referring to Garo Yepremian back in 1966. Guess what? The Lions let him get away too. So they'll cut Kickalicious and stick with the retread Akers. Because that's what they do. They're the Lions.

2:01 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you waste your time commenting on these things. If you don't support the lions then back off. She's writing an article that people who are actually lions fans would care about. Hearing about a possible replacement for Jason Hanson one of the greatest lions ever. Take your sour grapes somewhere else and let us lions fans have a conversation without your ignorant hate.

6:57 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree...why do yiu read these articles if yiu hate the lions so much? I hope he beats out Akers.

6:14 PM 

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