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Detroit Lions: Five changes on special teams

(Until training camp starts at the end of July, Lions Lowdown will be posted five times a week using the list format.)
 While there are plenty of changes this season, special teams is almost completely different. Pro Bowl long snapper Don Muhlbach returns, other than that new faces abound. Here are five changes for special teams:
1. Danny Crossman is gone and has been replaced as special teams coordinator by John Bonamego. He’s brought in some new drills and a new system of how special teams operates. It was an area of weakness last season.
2. Dave Akers replaces Jason Hanson who kicked for 21 seasons. 
3. Nick Harris is gone as the punter and will be replaced by rookie Sam Martin or Blake Clingan. It’ll be determined in training camp and the preseason. Both looked good during minicamp and OTAs. 
4. Stefan Logan is out as the returner. Auditions are ongoing. Reggie Bush could step in as a punt returner, but it's likely they'd rather have him concentrate on the offense.
5. Micheal Spurlock and Montell Owens, both special teams specialists, have been signed while Kassim Osgood is gone.
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Anonymous Damon Wilson said...

First off please change your 10-6 header. I mean ensure your main stuff is accurate before you say anything else.

Second, can we get some real lions reporters? I mean, Twentyman and Ohara are reporters. Birkett and yourself, you are clowns that just repeat what you hear from other reporters. Then you fill it in with garbage from unrelated teams and other unrelated information.

The same regurgitated garbage. Its honestly sickening when I come on my app to get news and I have to see you two idiots, and it gets me every time.. I read it and get disappointed. You two suck as reporters.

Stop stating the obvious or writing an opinion about Akers. Have you not watched anything? Akers is hurt, still... So he was injured all last year and he has had a different injury all off season preventing him from basically doing anything, but he WILL be the lions kicker? Do you realize how dumb that sounds? Lions wouldn't take a chance with Rugland? So let's take a guy who was injured and had the worst season of his life, who is still injured mind you, instead of the younger stronger kicker? What, over lack of experience? What's the worst that happens he performs as poorly as Akers did in 2012? Can't get much worse, and this idea that Akers is better than Hanson if just out of control.

10:05 PM 
Blogger Darin Idyle said...

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10:15 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Damon! You said what a lot of us have been thinking for a long time!

8:45 AM 
Anonymous Theo said...


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