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Detroit Lions: Five basic reasons Louis Delmas is on roster

(Until training camp starts at the end of July, Lions Lowdown will post five times a week using the list format.)
 The Lions re-signed oft-injured safety Louis Delmas to a two-year deal in March. Here are five reasons why.
1. When he’s healthy, he makes a huge difference in the secondary.
2. He would not have been signed unless the Lions were confident his knee would eventually not be an issue.
3. His leadership is without question. Not only is he the leader of the secondary, Kyle Vanden Bosch said last year that he though Delmas was a great leader for the defense as a whole.
4. His motor is always running. His energy sparks those around him.
5. Coach Jim Schwartz said there is not player he has more confidence in than Delmas. Defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham agrees.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Learn how to write.

12:57 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:49 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) When he's healthy? So when is he ever healthy?
2) The Lions were confident in him? They were confident in Joey Herrington, and Charles Rogers, and Titus Young, and many others along the way. The list of losers is long.
3) Kyle Vanden Bosch was nothing more than a retread journeyman who's been rightfully put out to pasture. The only thing he knew how to lead was pumping iron sessions.
4)Delmas' motor is always running? That's great, escept it's pretty tough for a race car to compete when it keeps blowing tires.
5) Jim Schwartz and Gunther Cunningham have the ultimate confidence in him? In case you haven't noticed, that Batman and Robin dynamic duo have amassed the worst record in the NFL since they came to Detroit. Why would anybody in their right mind take what propaganda these clowns are spouting seriously?
Oh that's right. It's Lions fans, with a Pollyanna beat reporter fanning the flames of futility. Please.

2:32 AM 

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