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Fans more concerned about Stafford's shoulder than he is

OK, so last season quarterback Matthew Stafford got sick and tired of answering questions about his injured right shoulder.

Oh, he was polite but under Jim Schwartz’s orders he couldn’t spill any details. The media had to ask and he took it all in stride.

Well the shoulder is surgically repaired, so the question has changed.

Nearly every day he gets asked if he’s looking forward to/worried about taking his first hit this season. He’s been unscathed in the first two preseason contests and, like all quarterbacks, is off limits during camp.

“I don’t think about it, I just play football and whatever happen, happens,’’ Stafford said Thursday.

It’s a good answer and suggests that the fans are more worried about his shoulder than he is.

Interesting ...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's with you people? You say fans are more worried about Stafford"s shoulder than he is. Here's a clue. Most of us don't care. If he gets hurt again, which is likely, somebody steps up and the beat goes on. Mowery says Tiger fnas are panicking, even though they're in first place. Caputo thinks people push the panic button whenever he tells them too. You guys need to consider de-caf coffee, and for god's sake, get away from the koolaid. Maybe they should drug-test sports reporters. Now that would be interesting.

11:27 PM 

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