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Lions will likely draft DT, but will it be at No. 2

With the NFL draft creeping up on us — it’s only four weeks away — the question remains whether the Lions will draft a defensive tackle with their second overall pick.

If St. Louis takes quarterback Sam Bradford with the first pick, the Lions will have their choice of Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh or Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy.

That is, if the Lions keep the second pick. Trading down is an option but only if they can find another team willing to move up to No. 2. It’s a conundrum because the Lions (and most teams) want to take the best player on the board with their pick, but they don’t necessarily want to pay No. 2 money to a defensive tackle. Can’t imagine many teams wanting to move up to No. 2 for a defensive tackle, but who knows.

Both Suh and McCoy are about 6-foot-4 and 300 pounds. The Lions think either one would fit into their system. But if they don’t get either one, they can still pick up defensive line help with later picks. It’s a deep pool.

“It’s the best defensive line draft I’ve ever seen. I’ve been in it 30 years and been through some really good players,’’ Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham said. “... This group is amazing, I’ve never seen over 60 guys work out on the D-line (at the combine) and all of them look pretty good.’’

So there you go. It’s highly likely the Lions will draft defensive line help. We just don’t know if it will come with the second overall pick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really believe that the Lions shouldn't take Suh or McCoy if they can trade the pick away.
I have been looking at this issue just lately and this article is right on.
There is a ton of DL help in more than just the takcle position also LIKE Brandon Graham for example.
With the Tackles that we have Cory Williams and Sammy Lee HILL and then Kyle Vandon Bosch and Brandon Graham If we so choose. That Makes for one heck of a D-LINE. I know Sammy has some growing to do. However he had a whole year of growing last year and I bet that it helped him enormously.
Besides that we need help in a lot of area's besides just DT.
OUR O-LINE needs help also.
A lot of people relize that we need a Guard BUT, what No one has even thought about is the FB position. We have a pretty good FB in Jerome Felton However he just isn't in the game when it comes to making blocks to save our 70,Million doller investment. Or to open holes for Kevin Smith or whatever other RB that we may chose in the draft or Free agency. Cory Jackson 6'1" 245 LBS. sounds like the type of FB that we have needed for years now. We have picked some up in FA however NONE of them have worked out.Anyways Cory can catch the ball out of the backfield and run the ball just like Jerome BUT he can and also block and knows how. Or I should say that he has the right frame of mind for the job and gets the job done when it comes to making a block.
And when talking about another DT there is a guy named Jared Odrick 6'5" 301 LBS. And from what I hear he is pretty talented and that is what we are looking for is talented DTs.So picking one up later and maybe getting a few other players along the way can't hurt this TEAM at all.
Anyways there IS a ton of Talented D-Linemen in this draft and we need more than just a D-lineman.
Don't get me wrong if we cant trade and we are there I would take Suh or McCoy Because they are the Best of the D-linemen. However there are also some O-linemen that are thebest sitting there at that time too!

1:08 AM 

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