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Rookie camp: Day 2 thoughts

A lot less media attention on Day 2 of the Lions' rookie orientation Saturday. No. 1 pick quarterback Matthew Stafford had another solid day. He completed both of his passes during team run drill, and was 8-of-12 during 7-on-7. Most of his completions were underneath routes to receivers in the flats or backs coming out of the backfield, but he's still got a howitzer for an arm.

Two minor injuries of note. Seventh-round offensive lineman Lydon Murtha did not practice as he's still dealing with a lingering back issue, and first-round tight end Brandon Pettigrew was limited with a hamstring.

“It's not pulled, it just had a hard time loosening up and he's going to be fine,” Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. “Again, our philosophy this time of the year is to err on the side of caution, so I don't know, we probably won't put him back out here this afternoon and we'll see tomorrow where it is.”

A few other thoughts from the morning workout:

Derrick Williams dropped the first punt during special teams period and let a fieldable next one hit the ground. Still, he's the Lions' likely punt returner next season and will play some slot receiver as well. “It's an important position in the NFL,” Schwartz said of the slot. “It's traditionally a lead receiver on third down. His skill set I think fits that. Probably a little bit quicker than fast, really good body control. Can drop his weight and stop on a dime. The things that make him a good returner also make him a good inside slot receiver.”

• Defensive tackle Sammie Hill – he said he prefers Sammie and joked that people started using “Sammie Lee” during the draft process because he's from the South – spent most of the individual period working one on one with defensive line coach Bob Karmelowitz. Hill said today's lesson was using his hands and hips in one motion against lineman rather than loading his arms for a push. “I did way better than I did yesterday,” Hill said. “That one-on-one with Coach Karm was great because when I got into the team and one-on-ones I actually felt confident and I used my hands more because I just got finished with it.”

• Schwartz on new middle linebacker DeAndre Levy: “Physically looks like he fits there, but again I want to caution that until we get mouthpieces and shoulder pads and those kind of things, you're taking on fullbacks live and you're taking on running backs live, you have a hard time completing that evaluation. But drill work, athletically, hitting the sleds, those kind of things, he looks like he's right at home in there.”

• There aren't many tryout players who have a shot at making the team. One who does, or at least earn a spot on the practice squad, may be cornerback Mark Parson of Ohio. “Parson did a lot of work with Deion Sanders and we'd had a lot of feedback from his camp, I think it's Prime U,” Schwartz said. “He was a guy that the scouts had a feel for and he's shown very well in this camp.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice read. - HaMMeRSickle

2:23 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm gonna chalk DW's drops to rookie jitters. i hope it doesn't happen again though.

thanks again for the updates, dave. can't proclaim how much you rock, enough.

\m/ -_- \m/

2:28 PM 
Anonymous John said...

Sammie and Delmas sound great to me. Delmas compliments both Stafford and Pettigrew when asked about Stafford. Sammie sounds like an eager kid in a cookie store.

5:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

afternoon session?

8:20 PM 

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