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Stafford: 'I felt like I threw it pretty well'

By all accounts, including his own, Georgia quarterback Matt Stafford fared well in his private workout for the Lions Tuesday.

“I think I did well,” Stafford said in a phone interview Tuesday. “At this point I'm not going to say what I feel like my chances (of going No. 1) are. I feel like I've done everything I can. I feel like I've done well every time we've met together. Whether they go with me or with somebody else is not up to me, but I can rest easy at night knowing that I did everything I could.”

Stafford worked out for eight members of the Lions' front office and coaching staff, including head coach Jim Schwartz and general manager Martin Mayhew. He spent about an hour and a half diagramming plays in a chalkboard session, then hit the field under the direction of offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.

A team source said the workout “went well” and, quoting an unnamed source, described it as “flawless.” Stafford wasn't quite as glowing in his recap, but asked if he hurt his chances of going No. 1 in any way he said, “I don't think so at all.”

“It was some different routes that I obviously can't practice, I'm not used to throwing, and kind of tough to simulate without a defense,” he said. “But yeah, I felt like I threw the ball well.”

Stafford said the workout was similar to what he went through at his pro day two weeks ago.

“We probably went at a slower pace today then we did at my pro day,” he said. “Actually, I know we did. It was good. Coach Linehan would teach a route to a receiver and kind of try to help me out with what we're looking at as far as what kind of defense they're playing against us and try to throw it. That was the difference probably more than anything.”

What were the new routes the Lions asked him to throw?

“They had some inside comebacks almost you could call them,” Stafford said. “They had some over routes, some things that are just tough to simulate without a defender on them. He'd say, 'Hey, shoot this in there like it was a Cover 2,' and it was just kind of tough without a safety maybe coming over the top to understand what angle he wants you to put it on or how much air he wants on it. I just tried to do my best and then complete some balls.”

Since the Lions have watched game tape of Stafford back to high school and know all about his physical abilities and rocket arm, the most important part of the workout was the chalkboard session, which Stafford said he “felt like I did really well in.”

“It was good to get out there and get in front of all those people and show them that I had some knowledge of the game,” he said.

Stafford said he doesn't have any more private workouts scheduled. A team of Lions representatives will attend USC's pro day Wednesday then reconvene Thursday in Detroit to start setting their draft board.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the updates, Birkett. With Killer M.I.A. it's good to know that someone good is covering the Lions right now

11:15 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^^ditto.....though my question now is do the Leos go after a trade for Cutler.....and what will it cost us.....I would let the cry baby stay and get stafford and then draft defense for all our picks with the exception of a speedy return man.....

11:47 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Mayhew pulls off a deal for Cutler I think we should be pretty impressed. I think that's the move. If we don't get Cutler, this report certainly makes things interesting. Up until today I was Jason Smith/Curry all the way.

12:18 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it a coincidence that on the day stafford has his 'flawless' workout bowlen just happens to have contact with cook and come to the conclusion that it's time to trade cuter? i dunno, but the timing of all of this sure makes it interesting to say the least ..

12:34 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the cost of Cutler?
He is damaged goods. Goods is a stretch, health concerns and leadership is a question. Can the same be said of Stafford? No no.1 for Cutler, too pricey. Maybe the 20 straight up, but still if Denver would trade him, what makes anyone think the Lions want this attitude in their clubhouse?

12:39 AM 
Anonymous freebird22 said...

Isn't Matt Stafford basically a younger version of Jay Cutler? At this point, why trade for Cutler?

If the Lions draft Stafford, he will be under contract for 6 years or so. Cutler only has 3 years left on his deal.

5:49 AM 
Anonymous Michael Schottey said...

Stafford is--at his best--a young version of Cutler. The biggest difference between the two is that Stafford CAN be a good QB whereas Cutler IS a good QB. I'll take a guy who's done it over a guy who might be able to do it.

Cutler is only 25 and has had success even though he came out of Vanderbilt and was just diagnosed with diabetes last year. Think of how much those two factors played against his maturation.

We would be getting a 25 year old probowl QB who has no where to go but up. Signing him to 9mil/year is a lot more attractive than signing Stafford (who hasn't thrown an NFL pass) to 11mil/year

8:56 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great update!
Question for you. With the successful workout by Stafford and Cutler on the trading block - do the Lions have a preference which direction they acquire their QB and if they are able to get Cutler what does that mean for the #1 pick?

10:19 AM 
Blogger spacecataz said...

Nice scoop, Birk.

10:41 AM 

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