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One thing you can count on with the Detroit Lions is that they are never, ever boring. Follow the latest news including injuries, roster moves and more here daily from Oakland Press beat writer Paula Pasche. Plus you'll find regular commentary about the team.


Check out transcript from St. Pat's Lions chat

If you missed today's chat on the Lions, check out the transcript here.

With free agency a week old, we looked at how the Lions have fared so far. Also the draft is about six weeks away so there was plenty of draft chatter.

Join the next chat at 3 p.m. on Thursday, March 24. It's always interesting. — Paula Pasche


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, let's see. The Lions need a wide out, a decent running back, a couple linebackers, a reliable tight end, help on the D-line, major help on the O-line, corners that can cover, and safeties that aren't clueless. They have a doddering 90 year old widow as an owner, a family financial planner (who has already admitted he knows nothing about professional football) as their president, and a head coach with a track record of being a failure once put in charge of the product on the field. On the positive side, Mathew Stafford seems to have grown out of his "China doll" stage for the time being, and they have a pretty good place kicker. Super Bowl, here they come. Right. LMAO. Slice it and dice it however you want, but it's still the same clown franchise. And all the green beer in the world isn't going to change it. On second thought, maybe the Lions should consider moving to Ireland. It would finally put the Honolulu blue and silver sappies out of their misery, and the folks across the pond have much more experience dealing with leprechauns. A win-win.

4:24 AM 

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