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One thing you can count on with the Detroit Lions is that they are never, ever boring. Follow the latest news including injuries, roster moves and more here daily from Oakland Press beat writer Paula Pasche. Plus you'll find regular commentary about the team.


Check out transcript of chat on Detroit Lions

If you missed Thursday's chat on the Detroit Lions, check out the transcript here.

We hit on the upcoming NFL Combine, the NFL draft, free agency, Calvin Johnson's future and more.

The next chat will be at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 25. Join in, it's always interesting. — Paula Pasche


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some judge needs to find this Larry dude hopelessly addicted to the Honolulu blue and silver koolaid, and order him into lock-down rehab immediately. Anybody that believes the Lions will be contenders any year soon is obviously deranged and could pose a threat to society.

11:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lions are never, ever boring? Surely you jest PP. In the history of professional sports there has never, ever been a MORE boring franchise. Those guys are like watching paint stay wet -- forever. Like watching grass grow -- down. They make a public service announcement look Academy Award worthy.

1:22 AM 

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