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Detroit Lions Jim Caldwell examines Suh's roughing passer call; 9 penalties

ALLEN PARK — Ndamukong Suh’s roughing-the-passer penalty late in the second quarter of the Lions win over Tampa Bay has been reviewed by coach Jim Caldwell and could get a look from the NFL offices too.

“When you take a look at it you can see where his initial contact was made and from there obvioulsy the hand slid up a little bit, the forearm slid up,’’ Caldwell said on Monday. “It will be up to the league to make a determination on it.’’

The coach noted that Suh had another similar play on Bucs quarterback Josh McCown that was not whistled.

“He had two that were almost identical one on one side of the field one on the other, one was not flagged,’’ Caldwell said.

The Lions were called for nine penalties which is about six too many for Caldwell. Ideally he’s like to see three or less a game — one each on offense, defense and special teams.

“I still think that in our sport the last outpost of discipline is something that we kind of hang our hat on, that’s an area we have to we have to continue to improve plain and simple,’’ Caldwell said. “I’m more interested in winning obviously, but I know one thing they lead to deficiencies, they lead to problems, that’s an area we have to get straightened away.’’

The Lions are eighth in the NFL with 96 penalties, averaging 7.38 per game.

The Seahawks have the most at 110 total.

“To you, you see exactly what’s on the sheet what’s called,’’ Caldwell said.
“We have an opportunity to turn them in, to voice our opinion to whether we think they were good or bad or whether the call should have been made.
Everything you see or read is not always as it is.’’


Anonymous RL McBride said...

The before and after the whistle penalties that are the most problematic Some PI penalties have been TD savers, but if committed a little before the ball is in the air are mere holding or illegal contact five yard penalties but may still prevent a TD. Offensive holding penalties are the real drive killers, however sometimes saves your QB's carcass

10:31 AM 

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