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Detroit Lions Reggie Bush wears shirt to honor Eric Garner

DETROIT — Lions running back Reggie Bush has been outspoken via Twitter with the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner who died in New York at the hands of police as a result of a choke hold.

Bush tweeted three days ago: “When does it end? I'm tired of seeing history repeat itself! Our system is broken! #RIPEricGarner”

In pre-game warmups on Sunday, Bush displayed his support for Garner wearing a blue Lions shirt that said, “I can’t breathe.” Those were the words Garner uttered repeatedly as police choked him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a idiot supporting a criminal that been arrested over 30 times.

1:45 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whens it going to end Reggie? When people start taking responsibility for their actions, treat others with respect and OBEY the laws..there would have been no police involvement in either case if the deceased were not breaking the law...You have a right to speak your mind but you should know what you are talking about before expressing your concerns....wise up..,

10:11 AM 

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