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Detroit Lions: Five reasons Reggie Bush was a good acquisition

(Until training camp starts at the end of July, Lions Lowdown will post blogs  five times a week using the list format.)

Reggie Bush was one of the biggest free agent signings, along with safety Glover Quin and defensive end Jason Jones.

Here are five reasons Bush will be a good addition for the Lions:

1. His experience will be a factor. He’s 28 and had his best two statistical seasons the last two years with the Miami Dolphins.

2. He can fill the role left open by Jahvid Best by catching the ball out of the backfield. He can also line up in the slot effectively.

3. Opposing defenses will have to find a balance between defending Calvin Johnson and Bush, which should create space for each of them.

4. Bush seems motivated. After two seasons with the Dolphins, he’s primed to help lead the Lions back to the playoffs.

5. Bush could have gone elsewhere, but he chose Detroit for a reason. It’s not about the glitz and glamour of Detroit, it’s about winning.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. You really should consider easing up on the koolaid Paula. Apparently, it's making you delusional. Bush is with the Lions for two reasons only. They couldn't get anybody better, and nobody else wanted him. The glitz and glamor of Detroit? Are you kidding? Motown has all the glitz and glamor of a Siberian gulag. But keep up your usual work. We can always count on it for a good laugh once in a while.

1:20 AM 
Anonymous Damon Wilson said...

Anon is retarded and can't read. I guess the fact it wasn't about the glamor and more about winning was a little over our anon writer.

2:45 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. After 50 years of incompetence, anybody that still believes the Lions will be a contender any time soon is way beyond retarded. They're brain dead. Nice call Damon. The Fords continue to get richer as long as they have suckers like you in their back pockets.

4:56 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

None of these guys kno wat dey r talkin about... Nice article paula!! ;) Bush will fit in greatly wit my detroit lions n we will b playoff bound... We all kno detroit is not a glitz n glamour city n more about grit n hardwork n da D... N dats y bush is here to work hard n help lead us to greener pastures... Playoffs or better!!

8:54 AM 

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