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NFL owners to vote on Jim Schwartz rule

Getting a new NFL rule named after you is not necessarily a good thing, but in the case of the Jim Schwartz rule it is.

 It was a ridiculous rule from the get go and it cost the Detroit Lions a win last season.

 This week the Jim Schwartz rule will be voted on at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix. 

The Competition Committee has recommended a rule that a play will be reviewed even if the coach has wrongly thrown the red flag.

  This, of course, happened during the Lions’ nightmare game on Thanksgiving, the overtime loss to the Houston Texans. 

  Texans’ running back Justin Forsett was down, but the whistle was not blown so he got up and ran in 81 yards for a touchdown.

  Schwartz threw a red penalty flag because he was so incensed that a whistle hadn’t stopped the play. If he hadn’t thrown the flag, the play would have been reviewed and called back. Since he threw the flag it nullified the review.

 He knew the rule, but in the heat of the moment the flag flew out of his pocket.

 There was talk of changing the rule midseason. Four months later it will be on the table. A team will still be penalized if a coach wrongly throws the flag, but the play will still be reviewed.
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