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Detroit Lions: ... And into the arms of Ndamukong Suh

 Just had to share this tale from Las Vegas Twitter episode with Detroit Lions fans.

 The story in seven parts was tweeted out by Joe Fortenbaugh (@JoeFortenbaugh) who is a writer for the National Football Post. He sent it out Thursday night from Las Vegas.

 It’s a peach.

“Joe Fortenbaugh: Las Vegas Tales of the Fat, Drunk & Stupid (stay with me on this, it's a good one): Intoxicated imbecile decided to dive into...

   ...the shallow Venetian "canals" this afternoon. Busted his head open (not too serious) & struggled mightily (to our amusement) to get out..

... his crew had to hold his hand to walk his bleeding, soaking wet ass back to the Wynn (we were following the show, headed in same direction)

... at the bridge between Palazzo and Wynn, he breaks free from his group (who tried desperately to stop him) to run up to who else, but...

... Lions DT Ndamukong Suh.

... Suh spent 5 minutes chatting and posing (all the while smirking) for pictures with this bleeding, soaking wet mess of a bro.

... Moral of the story: Injure your drunk ass while jumping into the Venetian canals and you get to meet Ndamukong Suh.’’

The end.

Thank you, Joe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must admit when you mention tales of the fat, drunk, and stupid, and then throw intoxicated imbecile and diving into the mix, one could easily think you were talking about Suh himself.

3:26 AM 
Anonymous Cindy said...

I love Suh! He's just a big teddy bear!

7:06 PM 

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