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Tweets, Titus, Thanksgiving and more — the Lions edition

Odds and ends from a busy Lions Monday:

— About one sentence into Jim Schwartz’s announcement that Titus Young has been benched for Thursday, writers started pulling out their phones. Schwartz stopped in mid-sentence to ask if we were tweeting the news. Of course we were, it was big stuff. Then he carried on. Until he mentioned Drayton Florence was diagnosed with a concussion. Then it was Tweet time again.

— Matthew Stafford, who was understandably quiet and sullen immediately after Sunday’s loss, was in a little better humor on Monday. When asked about what it means to play on Thanksgiving (with a suggestion that he should be emotional), he mimicked wiping a tear from his eye which drew plenty of laughs. Stafford probably/hopefully has more enjoyable parts of his job other than talking with the media, but he gets it and delivers. Post-game Sunday was not easy, but he was there and did his best.

— There’s a lot being made over the fact that cornerback Drayton Florence was diagnosed with a concussion on Monday after getting dinged on the first play on Sunday. He passed the concussion tests on the sideline and played a good game, his first since he broke his arm on Sept. 16. It’s not uncommon for concussion symptoms to show up the next day. His came via a headache on Monday morning.

— The day Titus Demetrius Young was drafted in 2011, he totally charmed the Detroit media in a conference call. He was SO excited about coming to Detroit where he had family. That seems like a long, long time ago.

— Rookie Ryan Broyles will be getting more action with Young out of Thursday’s game. Schwartz reminded us that he is still coming back from his ACL surgery a year ago. “I think he’s right around a year right now. Other than Adrian Peterson, it’s usually the next year when you start looking like yourself. ... He has been productive in his role now his role will increase,’’ Schwartz said.

— Remember all the fans who ripped the Lions for drafting Broyles in the second round? What are they thinking now? On Thursday, Broyles will be the No. 2 wide receiver.

— Nate Burleson took Titus Young under his wing from the get-go. With Burleson out with a broken leg, perhaps Young is floundering without the veteran’s advice. Doesn’t matter. “This is personal behavior and the only person to be accountable is the person, which is Titus,’’ Schwartz said.

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Blogger Dave Brown said...

To think that a second round draft pick might get his number called more after 10 games, with just six left, the toughest six in the NFL, and after a 4-6 start to the season, does not excite me at all.

Season is over, and the simple fact is that the second round pick in no way helped the Lions improve to this point, coming off ten wins.

10:01 PM 

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