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Is winning on the road the next step for Lions?

The Lions lucked out with the schedule makers in one way. Their final two road games will be played Sunday in Tampa and Dec. 26 in Miami. It beats Buffalo.

Still, they have got to prove they can win on the road. You know the story they hold the NFL record for consecutive losses at 26 straight.

Is that the next step to show progress?

“Winning on the road is something that we need to do as a football team. One win isn’t going to change that, you know what I mean? One win isn’t going to say, ‘You know you get one win and all of a sudden we’re going to be undefeated on the road for the next decade.’ That’s not going to happen, but it would be a step and it’s something that we need to accomplish,’’ coach Jim Schwartz said. “Good football teams win on the road and we aspire to be a good football team."

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