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Trade for Sims would be another great deal for Lions

Give credit to Lions general manager Martin Mayhew. With a 2-30 record the last two years, free agents are not exactly lining up to move to Detroit. The top two he signed — Kyle Vanden Bosch and Nate Burleson — jumped at the move because they are familiar with the coaching staff.

So Mayhew has made deals. He traded a pick to Cleveland for defensive guard Corey Williams which was a steal. Also, he made a deal with Atlanta for cornerback Chris Houston. Detroit got the best of both of those moves.

Now the Lions, along with Philadelphia, Chicago and Cleveland, are in the mix for a deal which would ship the starting left guard Rob Sims out of Seattle. Sims signed a one-year $1.1 million tender with the Seahawks this week which cleared the way for a trade.

It would be another great move for Mayhew and the Lions because Sims would fill one of their biggest holes at left guard.

Seattle is reportedly looking to trade him because he would not fit in with the zone-blocking scheme that new coach Pete Carroll will install.

Sims started 14 games at left guard for the Seahawks last season.

There’s only one reason some Lions fans might not like him. He was a fourth-round pick in 2006 out of -- Ohio State.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only one reason the fans wouldnt like him?....Ohio State? Chris Spielman ring a bell.....he went to OSU and was a HUGE fan favorite? We are so desperate for any kind of actual talent I doubt anyone who follows the Lions really cares what college any player went to. Just get capable bodies here and give us something to at least get hopeful of....the NFL record 30 loses in the past 2 seasons is pretty much the end game for most of us who have watched a horrendous franchise the past 50+ years. And when you say a return to the "glory years" surely you are talking about the Lions pre William Clay Ford....before you were even born because there have been no such thing as glory years here after the 50's! I admit as much as I have zero respect for WCF and the way he has treated faithful Lions fans we may actually have something positive being built under Schwartz.....good thing he was willing to sign a below market deal to prove himself or we would be looking at the next Marinelli! Ford got lucky this time and most of us who have followed the Lions for 40+ years will always believe the best day in franchise history will be the first day William Clay Ford no longer owns the Lions and we dont really care how his removal happens after the way he has treated us. Keeping up my hope but never willing to forgive Ford for destroying football in Motown and being a general embarrassment to sports ownership! And most of all....the total lack of respect he has shown to the fans.

7:37 PM 

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