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Lions' Delmas: No word on Pacman Jones

ALLEN PARK — Lions safety Louis Delmas hasn’t heard any talk around the Lions practice facility about the possibility of signing free agent cornerback/returner Adam “Pacman” Jones.

“We got a lot of good athletes coming in, a lot of dudes that have a lot of experience on the field. No character issues, so they can come in and help the guys a lot as a team,’’ Delmas said. “There’s been some talk (about) a couple dudes coming in as far as Pacman Jones, but nothing in the building as far as the team and the coaching staff I’ve heard nothing about it.’’

The Lions have admitted they have an interest in Jones, who has been suspended twice by the league for off-the-field legal issues. That does not seem to offend or surprise Delmas.

“This organization needs a change. We need everything we can get to change this organization around as far as getting wins around here. So anybody that comes in here to help this organization out, help us win, it’s for the better so I’m all for it,’’ Delmas said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that's what it is all about PacMan. The TEAM! If PacMan will come in and care more about the TEAM than himself then he is welcome IN my Opinion.
If not then PacMan please stay where your at.
The ONLY thing this TEAM Needs are committed Players who want to win.
So If you can remember that the party starts when the season is over then you get it.
Until that point it is a job and you must put your time in and do what is right for everyone else.
SO leave your selfish self at home and bring the serious man to work.
Not saying that it isn't supposed to be fun.
However it is a NICE clean fun with out the party extra's until it's done. ( the job that is).
And if you really want to have fun and remember the fun you had then you will stay clean while you have fun winning Football games.
And hopefully at the end of the job you will have a really big party! Like a Superbowl Party!

1:00 PM 

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