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Thursday leftovers

Emptying my notebook on a Thursday night:

• Maybe it's my journalistic instinct, but for the life of me I don't understand why the Lions have turned mum about lineup changes. Everyone who's stepped foot in the Lions locker room this week gets the sense that Gosder Cherilus replace George Foster as starter (again), but neither Rod Marinelli nor usually loose-lipped offensive coordinator Jim Colletto will confirm it.

"We kind of wait until Saturday to evaluate the whole week and see what's going to happen," Colletto said.

Right. Not only is their approach amateurish, it's a lie. Does you really think they don't have a good idea who's starting today? Marinelli said one reason he decided to stop talking about lineup changes is because of an erroneous report earlier this year. Only he didn't have anything to do with that report and if he wants to stop the speculating and reporters asking his players every day the best way is for him to come out and announce the changes himself.

• Incidentally, whenever it is that Drew Stanton replaces Dan Orlovsky as quarterback, $10 says the Lions make that decision public early in the week. They'll want the ticket bounce at Ford Field.

• In case you missed it about this weekend's blackout, the first in Ford Field history also happens to be the first in the NFL this year. At least the Lions lead the league in something.

• Colletto said John Standeford, signed last week after the Roy Williams trade, could see some time this week. Standeford spent a few minutes after practice Thursday catching punts. He said he's just trying to be ready for anything.

• Clinton Portis, obviously, makes the Redskins go. But it's unreal how long Washington quarterbacks have gone without throwing an interception (an NFL record 332 attempts dating back to last year).

• "They're doing a great job," Lions defensive coordinator Joe Barry said. "The thing that a lot of people don't realize about (Redskins quarterback) Jason Campbell is he's big enough and athletic enough that he'll tuck the ball down and take off and run," Lions defensive coordinator Joe Barry said. "He's not going to be silly with the ball where a lot of times, young quarterbacks with big arms, they think, 'Oh, I can get the ball in there.' He's not doing that. He's being smart."

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Blogger Da Griff said...

Whatever, Birk. Nobody cares about the lineup change policy but reporters. Get over it.

8:29 PM 

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