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Hanson: Williams, Kitna moves 'the logical conclusion of not being good'

In case you missed my story Thursday's paper about the locker-room reaction to Tuesday's trade of Roy Williams and the Lions' decision to put Jon Kitna on injured reserve, here are some comments from kicker Jason Hanson, the team's reigning vet, that I thought were on point:

"For me it's the logical conclusion of not being good again as a team. I love my teammates and I think everybody's been trying and working, but this is the stuff that happens when you're not good for too long. So, no, I'm not surprised."

Asked if the moves were a sign the front office had give up on the season, Hanson said no. "I think what it means is this is a serious business. Everybody in here's paid a lot of money and when you don't do what you're supposed to do you're expendable, everyone of us. And I don't mean those two, I mean all of us. And when you're 0-5 after being bad for seven years then changes are going to happen and good players can be gotten rid of. ... I don't think it should be interpreted as giving up, it's just, hey, do your job because new guys will be coming in every Tuesday until you do."

For the record, I wouldn't qualify what the Lions did Tuesday as giving up on the season, either. The season was already pretty shot, they recognized the depth of their situation and mae a move for the betterment of their future. Are they a better team with Roy Williams on the field? Absolutely. With Jon Kitna under center? That's debatable. Either way, they're not a playoff team.

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