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Detroit Lions – Five reasons Matthew Stafford will improve this season

The fate of the Detroit Lions’ offense rests on the shoulders of Matthew Stafford. He knows it, the coaches know it and the fans know it.

Here are five reasons Stafford will be better than he was in 2014:

  1. The quarterback is more familiar with this Joe Lombardi offense. I know you’ve heard that before but it’s true and it’s important. He’ll be able to operate at a faster pace because it will seem more natural to him — he won’t have to stop and think — he can just play.

  2. Stafford is a gunslinger, we all know it. Last year Lombardi seemed hesitant to give Stafford the freedom to go deep down field. Lombardi said in the spring — and he’s been consistent with this — that the goal is give Stafford the green light more often. If the running game is improved (as it should be) this will help the effort.

  3. After minicamp, coach Jim Caldwell again talked about Stafford’s hard work. The coach said between minicamp and training camp last year, it was obvious Stafford had been studying the playbook. He expects the same when camp starts on Aug. 3.

  4. He just looked more comfortable in the offense during minicamp with the new-look offensive line. Yes, there were no pads or no contact allowed — but he was moving the offense at a much quicker pace. His accuracy was on full display too.

  5. This will be Stafford’s seventh NFL season. All that experience in invaluable. He’s got great coaches in Lombardi and quarterbacks coach Jim Bob Cooter who are setting him in the right path.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stafford will also benefit from a faster younger line. No guys with antics. Just hard workers who will do their jobs. I'm meeting my 2 Sons in San Diego from Pa for the opener. Long long time fan. Pieces are in place and Calvins time for a Ring. It's on Stafford to Lead and they will win. Do this one for the guys who couldn't!! Go Lions!

8:28 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stafford pretty well maxed out when he was throwing for 5000 yards but still couldn't win anything important. The very reason he will regress is BECAUSE of the new O-line. They don't even know who's playing where yet. Look for a whole lot of sacks. Here's hoping the China Doll syndrome doesn't return.

1:20 AM 

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