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Detroit Lions — Five reasons Rashean Mathis rocks at age 34

Rashean Mathis will turn 35 in August, weeks before the start of his 13th NFL season.

When the Detroit Lions signed the veteran cornerback just before the start of the 2013 season, they may not have realized what exactly Mathis would bring to the defense.

Here are five reasons Mathis rocks at age 34:

  1. He is still effective as a starting cornerback and graded out as the 12th best cornerback by Pro Football Focus for the 2014 season.

  2. He is durable. Mathis played 1,050 snaps in 2014 and was in every game. In 2013 he missed just one game. “It’s uncommon. That’s why you don’t see a number of guys his age that are still able to perform in this league,’’ coach Jim Caldwell said during minicamp in June. “He’s an unusual guy, but I think that’s certainly a testament to the fact that he stays in tremendous shape. He takes care of his body and not only that, you know, God’s gift to him with a little bit more staying power than the next guy.”

  3. He’s not loud, but when he speaks he is certainly effective. “He’s tireless. He’s a very effective teacher, outstanding performer, but there’s probably not a time where you see him standing over there and he’s not talking to one of those other defensive backs, whether it’s a safety and talking about a call back there, working out between the split of a receiver, or just talking to some of the younger corners and just talking to them about work habits and body position and technique and fundamentals,’’ Caldwell said.

  4. His leadership skills on the field, carry over to life away from football as well. Mathis has been a huge help to Darius Slay on and off the field. It will likely be the same way for third-round pick Alex Carter whose family has been friends with Mathis for 10 or so years. “He’s one of those guys that you certainly can see what he does in terms of the impact on the field, but he has a tremendous impact in our classrooms, in the building, outside of the building,’’ Caldwell said. “He’s a competitive guy at every phase. He takes a few guys’ money too on the golf course from what I understand, but really a quality, quality guy.”

  5. He signed a two-year deal this spring and isn’t sure that will be the end of his career. No reason to doubt him.

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