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Detroit Lions: Barefoot quarterbacks a mystery no longer

ALLEN PARK — It’s been the big question the first three weeks of Detroit Lions’ organized team activities: Why do the quarterbacks run barefoot after each session? 

For the answer Matthew Stafford and Kellen Moore have referred the media to offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi.

Finally, today (Wednesday), Lombardi talked  to the media and it was the first question he was asked.

“I get blamed for that?” Lombardi asked.

“I think that was Dan Orlovsky. When he sees you guys out there he says, ‘Let’s run barefoot.’ I think he’s tricking you on that one,’’ Lombardi said.

“Matt sometimes get blisters so when they run after practice I think he likes to take his shoes off if his feet are hurting,’’ Lombardi added.

There’s no magic formula to running without shoes.

“I’ve read it’s good for you but I would never make them do it,’’ Lombardi said.

Back to football.

Offensive players have said they’re way ahead of last year at this point and Lombardi agrees.

“Certainly with the older guys when they break the huddle there’s no stress that they’re going line up incorrectly at this time of year,’’ Lombardi said. “Last year when they were first learning it things were going a little slower. The tempo is better, it’s more crisp. Guys know where to go, a lot of the second-level thinking that happens when you running routes is coming more natural for these guys. It’s been a lot smoother.’’

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