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Detroit Lions a good fit for Lance Moore

Lance Moore talks to media following Wednesday's OTAs.
Lance Moore brings new meaning to the words “good fit.”

The veteran wide receiver who was signed by the Detroit Lions a few weeks ago, knows the Lions offense better than many of the Lions.


Remember the Lions’ offense is based on the New Orleans Saints’ offense and that’s where Moore spent the bulk of his time in the NFL.

“This is the offense I had the most success in in my career. I played in this offense for eight years, Joe Lombardi was there six or seven years when I was there,’’ Moore said after OTAs on Wednesday. “The familiarly not just with what we’re running but being able to act as another coach out there, a coach in the receiver room. I think there’s a lot of things I can do to help this team.’’

He’s coming out of a situation with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2014 that seemed the opposite of a good fit.

The 31-year-old Moore was hurt early in the season, missed two games but could never work his way back into a meaningful role.

“Once I got back in it wasn’t a situation where I was catching a lot of balls, it was frustrating, it as tough,’’ Moore said. “We had some young guys who were stepping up and making plays. I understand the game, younger guys are making plays they’re not going to take those guys out to swap somebody else in there. That’s part of the game.’’

Then he smiled and added, “The good part about it is I didn’t run around a lot so I still have some juice.’’

In Wednesday’s OTAs, he was taking reps as a returner along with Golden Tate and Jeremy Ross.
He can also help the other wide receivers with the details of the offense that was installed by Lombardi last year.

Even Calvin Johnson.

“It’s scary. I see him as similar to a Marques Colston but more physically gifted,’’ Moore said. “That’s something that’s going to be pretty crazy the second year in this offense —  learning it better, trying to help him with a few little things route-wise that I think can help him a whole lot and make his job easier.’’

On May 12, the morning Moore passed his physical and signed, he happened upon Matthew Stafford and they had breakfast in the Lions’ facility cafeteria. It was the first step of their getting-to-know-you process.

“I’ve definitely been a fan of (Stafford) from afar, just watching his maturation process. Obviously making it to Pro Bowls, being the Pro Bowl MVP,’’ Moore said. “You see all the talent he has on the field. But getting here being able to work with him and understanding that he’s a guy who likes to work, likes to get things right, he’s a perfectionist. I definitely look forward to being out here with him.’’

Moore, who signed a one-year $1.05 million contract, will be in competition with some young wide receivers for a roster spot. That includes Ryan Broyles, Corey Fuller, Jeremy Ross, TJ Jones and Greg Salas.

He’s got one thing the others don’t — a deep, long-time familiarity with the offense.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A deep long familiarity with the offense and a few bucks will get Moore a latte at Starbucks. $1.05 million is a lot of money to ordinary folks, but chump change for an NFL receiver. That's already telling you the Lions' brass doesn't expect much out of him. I'd be surprised if Moore is still there when the cuts are done in a few months. There's a reason he was available on the cheap. We'll see.

3:43 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed. Just because Moore played under a similar system in the past for another team doesn't mean it will translate into success in Detroit. Sure, beyond Calvin and Golden the competition at wide receiver is thin, but Moore has yet to catch a single pass thrown by Matthew Stafford in a real game, if he even gets that far. We shall see indeed.

3:57 AM 
Anonymous Tufflynx said...

I like that the Lions signed Moore. Even if he does not make the roster he will be a big help to the other receivers in camp. If he makes the roster, I hope he displaces Jeremy Ross, who seem to be a goner anyway. I would hate for Ryan Broyles to lose his last change to prove himself for a veteran band-aid.

7:35 AM 

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